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Leather-bummed jodphurs - a good housekeeping question...

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MrFibble · 04/10/2010 10:20

If you have leather bummed jods, how often do you wash them? I can't bring myself to wash them every time I wear them as it takes ages to dry them and then they are all hard and crunchy.

Am I totally minging for this? DSis seems to think so.

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Callisto · 04/10/2010 14:03

I used to have some suede sticky bums and they just got bunged into the washing machine whenever they needed it. I don't remember the suede going crunchy and they lasted years so were washed plenty of times.

An alternative would be some leather/suede full chaps? They never need to be washed and they keep your legs warm and dry in the winter.

Spookyoldclothcatpuss · 05/10/2010 12:09

I can't wear Jodhs with leather or sticky bum. My legs are too fat. It makes walking very difficult! The funniest thing I ever saw is my lovely mate. She has dodgy ankles which cause her to be knock kneed, down to the knee and bandy below. In sticky bums she walks like mortitia Adams!
(disclaimer: she laughed first and started the joke, I'm not that shit a friend! Grin)

MrFibble · 06/10/2010 07:36

Thanks for your replies.

I've already got some leather bums and I lurve them. In fact I have a frightening number - about 14 pairs I think! But they date back to pre-kids days when I had a well paid job and lots of time to ride! I even used to co-ordinate my jods with the numnahs .

I would love leather chaps but have no money at the moment and so need to stick with my jods.

Thinking about it, I've had mine for about 10 years now and all, bar one pair, are still in good nick. I used to wash them in that expensive cavello wash but now they just get bunged in the normal wash. Perhaps I should just wash them with no soap and make sure they are not dried over a radiator to avoid crunchiness?

Can I confess to my lovely black jods which puff out at the top? They really don't go with my current incarnation (scruffy rider 1.2) but I hanker for the days when I can wear them again.

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