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DD needs travelling companion

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chutneyprincess · 24/09/2010 10:34

Hi everyone! Perhaps you might be able to help. DD (19) wants to go travelling next spring to South America, but the friend going with her has dropped out due to work promotion. She still wants to go but is trying to find a competent rider who will ride across the Andes with her. The rest of the trip is to be backpacking on a budget - Rio carnival, friends in Sao Paulo etc. etc.
Are any of you up for this or do you have directionless teenagers slopping about at home that might go?
She's tried the Lonely Planet forum but the problem is finding someone to go on the ride.
Any help welcome!!

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Callisto · 24/09/2010 12:17

I know someone who is going to South America backpacking next month who is a brilliant rider, she is 18/19 I think and a ride across the Andes sounds like the sort of thing she would love. I'll ask what her plans are next time I see her, probably Monday.

chutneyprincess · 24/09/2010 14:00

Thanks Callisto - That sounds hopeful. If she's interested, perhaps you or she could PM me through mumsnet, or DD's profile is "smallblondejockey" on the lonely planet thorn tree forum, travelling companions branch. Watch this space...

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