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Pony - choking v scary

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Mermaid2 · 21/09/2010 18:37

Daughter walked pony down from field to get her ready to ride. Literally had hay for a couple of mins and then she started coughing and wretching. It was horrid, she was really trying to swallow and her neck went all hard.

Luckily, (after speaking to vet) she sorted it out but never seen it before. Bless her.

OP posts:
keepeverybodyhappy · 21/09/2010 20:31

V. scarey :( Poor you and poor pony xx
A friend of mine has a greedy pony who snatched a mouthful whilst out hacking and went on to choke, because his snack got tangled around his bit.
She stuck her hand in in the end, not knowing what else to do. It did the trick, but she ended up with a black finger for her efforts..........he decided to grab the snack on its way out!! Cheeky bugger Grin

Butkin · 22/09/2010 11:09

Although in this case you didn't do anything wrong it is one of the reasons we'd never let our horses eat grass with their bridles on.

Glad your pony is OK Smile

Bagpusstree · 27/09/2010 20:22

My pony used to do this frequently - very scary! I used to massage her throat to try and help her out. She mainly used to do it eating her hard feed because she used to bolt it. In the end I used to put a brick in her feed to avoid her being able to rush it. Maybe one of the smaller hole haynets would help in case it happens again?

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