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The tack room

evilgiraffe · 05/09/2010 20:07

And finally, Andrew Nicholson is clearly used to Avebury being a dick as he dives sideways for absolutely no reason. It is a real shame as the horse jumps brilliantly when he chooses to.

To look at all the rest of the pictures, the website is here.

MrFibble · 05/09/2010 20:09

lovely pics. thanks for sharing.
Tippychoocks · 05/09/2010 20:09

Very good pictures. I have a bit of a crush on Mark Todd. He looks so capable all the time.

evilgiraffe · 05/09/2010 20:14

He is, isn't he? Makes you sick, eh?! Incredible guy to watch though, I am so pleased he decided to compete again!

What I find scary is that me and DH decide to spend most of our time at the combination fences as the simple ones are relatively dull. Occasionally I have to remind myself of the ridiculous size of the "easy" ones! Shock I would not dare do a jump half their size!

MrFibble · 05/09/2010 20:16

I used to walk the courses with my big sister before her rounds. I would shake until she was back safe and sound. I am such a worrier and a wuss. No wonder I cannot contemplate doing this myself!

Macdog · 05/09/2010 20:19

Fantastic pics!
Am gobsmacked at riders' bravery

CluckyKate · 05/09/2010 21:32

How lovely to see the sheer speed, agility & athleticism of these amazing animals caught on camera.

Thank-you for sharing Smile

CluckyKate · 05/09/2010 21:43

Oh - and can anyone tell me whether Alex Hua Tian managed to stay on. Didn't quite catch it on camera on the BBC.....saw he retired but they never said whether he did eventually hit the turf Grin.

Was also tres amusing to see the croatian(?) guy deposited into the water fall on the last of the cascade hedges and especioally good that everyone made it round in one piece.

Butkin · 05/09/2010 22:04

Lovely photos - many thanks. We decided not to go this year (haven't missed for a decade) as competing at Royal London on Friday/Sunday. Won't make that mistake again and will be back at Burghley next year!

werewolf · 05/09/2010 22:07

Fantastic photos.
The size of those jumps!

SkiHorseWonAWean · 06/09/2010 08:57

Kate - he was amazing - I suppose it helps when your inside leg is as long as his! Wink

CluckyKate · 06/09/2010 12:04

Agree Ski - was tres impressive....unsual for a chinese bloke, as it the accent.

I have long legs too but nothing like the cling-on ability he has (actually, none of it if I'm honest) Grin

SkiHorseWonAWean · 06/09/2010 12:20

Hong Kong educated at Eton methinks rather than the provinces! Wink

evilgiraffe · 06/09/2010 17:59

His mother is English and his father Chinese, I believe. And indeed, educated somewhere posh! He seems like a nice guy though, and is definitely someone to watch for the future!

Glad you all liked looking through the pictures Grin

horseymum · 07/09/2010 11:35

i may be wrong but was he not the guy some chinese business man chose to sponsor to get a rider into the olympics and paid for several horses and to go to loads of events in teh run up so he qualified and got the experience?

Eve · 08/09/2010 20:44

look at Mary King.. her knees are so tight to that saddle.

so wish I had half of that courage and staying power!

Patienceobtainsallthings · 09/09/2010 11:41

Can i just say missed Burghley and got the H&H thru the door this morning and had tears in my eyes that Lenamore won !Just had to share x

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