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Royal Festival of the Horse

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Butkin · 15/07/2010 15:59

I know this is a bit late now but did anybody else go? We went on Sunday - a spur of the moment decision - primarily to support ponies/children from our yard.

We were appalled by the cost of admission - 20 pounds each or 50 pounds for a family ticket (max 2 kids) with no discounts for Children or OAPs. This wouldn't have been too bad but you couldn't stand and watch the main arena which inluded the Express Eventing etc. You had to pay 15-20 pounds for a seat! No wonder the main arena looked dead!

I felt really sorry for the tradestands who had paid so much money to be there but were unlikely to even cover their costs.

I've seen the attendance figures and I'm amazed that they are even as high has the organisers make out. The car park on Sunday only seemed to have about 100 cars in it - barely filling half the field. Amazingly some people had "Gold" car passes which didn't even allow them to park over the bridge next to the entrance.

We really enjoyed seeing top class showing and visiting the trade stands in peace and quiet but surely they need a radical rethink.

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CluckyKate · 16/07/2010 19:13

I didn't go but read an interesting piece in this week's H&H - doesn't sound like you were the only one to be horrified at the prices.

If it's any consolation the organisers have admitted they got it wrong and have promised to learn from their mistakes.

Fingers crossed they get it together for next year.

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