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NPQSL anyone?

roaringwater · 28/07/2021 16:02

I started NPQSL in spring 2020, just as the first lockdown kicked in. None of you need me to explain why it's been a nightmare since then 🙁

It's now or never really to commit to a project and get it done. My role (primary) is a difficult one to define (newly created for this year) and in the face of everything, I'm finding it hard to decide exactly what my project should be.

Anyone in primary who has done / is doing NPQSL, could you tell me what your project was? I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone whose project was not English or maths based.

Thank you 🙂

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theluckiest · 30/07/2021 11:18

I started my NPQSL back in November 2020 and it's been incredibly difficult to put much in place due to lockdowns / remote learning!! Particularly as it's supposed to be over 2 terms which is nigh-on impossible in the timeframe we now have.

Mine has been made even more difficult as the uni decided to move the deadline from Easter to January Hmm

So I've decided to not sweat the small stuff and do what I can in the circumstances.

My project is English-based but is designed to support our SEN children and struggling writers. What's your area of interest / expertise?

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