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Career advice needed please!

desperate4spring · 27/05/2021 21:08

A bit of background...

  • I used to teach full-time (first in Y5 which I loved and then in Y1 which I tolerated).
  • After I'd had my first dc, I came back part-time as a PPA teacher, covering RE and music lessons.
  • 10 years and 3 dc later, I am still doing the same PPA role and am ready for a change and a challenge.
  • I would like to secure an SLT role before long. I have lots of leadership experience in other contexts.

    I have asked my HT for a job-share role next year, with a strong preference for KS2. She seems very keen to get me back in the classroom and has given me first dibs on the only job-share going in EYFS!

    The pros/cons as far as I see them are:
  • Pro: I asked for a job-share and I've been offered one. I think it would look bad if I now turned it down.
  • Pro: It will be a challenge and take me out of my comfort zone.
  • Pro: It's an exciting time for EYFS. I'm also interested in being involved with some whole-school curriculum reforms that the HT is making noises about. Being in FS will help to implement these from the bottom up.
  • Con: I have worked in EYFS before doing PPA and leadership release; it wasn't my favourite. I missed the relationships with the older kids and I missed the curriculum. I like teaching the heavier stuff.
  • Con: My would-be job-share partner is nearing retirement and I think has had enough. She complains a lot, is resistent to change (or anything she thinks will involve lots of work). She is chaotic and messy.
  • Con: Small children all over me all the time (school AND home).

    Any advice or words of wisdom? Thank you for any thoughts at all that I haven't considered!
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HercwasanEnemyofEducation · 27/05/2021 22:30

Secondary here but...

Consider the local job market, are you likely to get what you want elsewhere if you say no?
Do you want another year PPA?
Are you likely to get "stuck" in EYFS or is it a short term thing? Could you request to change after a year?

Will your pay be the same? Presumably job share comes with marking etc?

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Dippydinosaurus · 28/05/2021 21:08

I'm very similar to you except I'm definitely starting EYFS in September. I didn't have a choice as it's the downside to job sharing - my partner wanted to move to there from KS2.

Partnered with an experienced eyfs teacher
New curriculum so on an even keel with everyone else
Very little marking
Better (hopefully) behaviour
Lovely team
Lots and lots of cpd and handover
New challenge - exciting

Would never have chosen it in a million years
Don't really like small children (have two of my own which is more than enough to deal with)
Toilet training
No idea what I'm doing
Feels like a waste of my experience during the last 8 years
Worried about never being able to get back into it - the pace of KS2 is unreal

I'll give it my all, add some new bits to my CV etc but I'll probably only do it for a year and look for a new job next year. Keep swaying between excited for a new change and dreading it! Have joined some Facebook groups as I'm totally clueless about planning 🙈

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Dippydinosaurus · 28/05/2021 21:09

This was set out in paragraphs!

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babyguffingtonstrikesagain · 28/05/2021 22:55

You have summarised my thoughts entirely! I accepted the job today and am excited and horrified in equal measure 😬

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babyguffingtonstrikesagain · 28/05/2021 23:19

Which Facebook groups have you joined? I hadn't even thought to look on there...

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Fuzzyspringroll · 29/05/2021 12:22

Good luck. :) I moved from Y6 to Y1 (class were new to the school, no reception intake). It's been a challenge but I do like my class a lot. Apparently, I've been doing a good job and get to do it again next year. 🤦‍♀️😂
Less marking than in KS2. I get to do lots of fun things with the little people and nobody worries about test results, book looks or whatever.

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