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Teachers Needed for Dissertation Survey

iiqweoij · 16/03/2021 16:04

Hi there,
I am currently studying a master’s in clinical psychology at the University of Central Lancashire. I am gathering data for my dissertation which aims to investigate the effects of lockdown – both positive and negative - on learning, teaching and student/staff mental health. The findings may help us better understand the impact of lockdown and the closures of schools, allowing us to make recommendations for learning and teaching provision and pastoral/mental health support.

The survey is anonymous, and we feel that through taking part in the survey we are providing a forum for both young people and staff to voice and share their experiences during this challenging time.

I was wondering whether you would be able to support my research by looking through the survey (accessed by clicking the link below) and completing if you are teaching/support/pastoral staff.

I really appreciate your responses. Thank you in advance :)

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CoRhona · 23/03/2021 21:36

Done but your range of jobs is exceedingly limited; I suggest you amend to teaching staff and support staff.

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