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If you were taking a coachload of kids through Longleat...

SachaStark · 15/07/2019 17:53

… what time do you reckon you'd do the actual safari bit?

I've been to Longleat loads myself, but first time leading a school trip through it, and trying to plot an itinerary.

Thinking that we won't do it last, as we're driving a fair way to the park anyway, and don't want to do an hour on a coach, plus several more hours on a coach straight after.

Has anybody planned a trip to Longleat before and can advise on the best time to do the safari bit? They'll be running all over the park the rest of the time.

Thanks (they're secondary age, thought I should add).

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PantsyMcPantsface · 17/07/2019 21:24

Years since I did it but I think we did travel there > safari > decamp to explore... otherwise you're left wrangling them all back onto the coach for a bit the middle of the day.

Oh and don't take the posh new school minibus through the monkey jungle - the colleague who did that had some explaining to do about why it was suddenly missing various parts on return to school!

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Lougle · 17/07/2019 21:31

DD2 did this trip yesterday.

Itinerary was:

-Arrive at Longleat, pick up tickets, enter Safari and travel through African village on foot (1hr)
-Complete Safari (1.5 hrs)
-Lunch (45 mins)
-Adventure Castle with teacher supervision (1 hr)
-Free time to explore (3 hrs 15 minutes)
-Travel back

They had 270 places on that trip, although I'm not sure how many actually went. They had a good time.

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