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Pre-School being taken over by school

tapdancingmum · 01/11/2018 20:38

I hope somebody on here can help me as I didn't think it would get many answers in the pre-school section.

I run a committee run pre-school in a village hall. In the village is a small first school. We have very few children and are finding it difficult to recruit new children. I know most pre-schools are suffering at the moment due to lots of different factors. We did think we would close two years ago but have limped on but I don't know how long we can carry on limping. I have 8 children of which 3 are 3 year old funded and 1 which is 2 year funded (this will come to an end in December and he will be 3 year funded which means losing money for him). The school are also struggling for children - I sent them 2 for Reception this year to join another child and I think they only have about 12 children across the 3 year groups.

So, there have been mutterings and proposals (nothing concrete yet) which would mean us (the pre-school) closing and the staff being made redundant. The school would then open up a pre-school on their site (we would interview for our jobs. I have been told I am a certainty.....but never say never and all that). We would have a building for us but if we go early we would be put up in a classroom somewhere. They would like it to be more of a nursery school so only taking 3 & 4 year olds who may move up into their Reception.

Has anybody got any experience of running a pre-school whilst being part of the school? I have been asked to do a list of pros and cons of how I can see it working and have a small list so far.

Also, I would be employed by the LA so would like to know how pay scales work and where I could expect to be.

It will be a shame for us to close as we have been in the village hall for more than 40 years but at least if we go to the school we will carry on.

Sorry for the extremely long post but I have so much to think about.

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