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Complain, Enjoy or Something Else (Long) Perspective needed!

Downtome · 24/06/2018 12:31

Quite outing but I want opinions.
I've been working as an unqualified teacher since last May. Pro rata contract at 30 hours a week. It's a special school (ESMH) with KS4 (6 students) but in a unit away from the main school. Had a new head in September last year who made lots of changes too quickly and it got a bad Ofsted. Our unit was the only bit judged as doing well. School will now become an academy in Sept.

I am in the unit 5 days. I work with another UT 3 days a week. We teach core subjects. On the other two days the head of KS4 and another teacher ( also SLT) comes to teach. The pupils do a vocational course one day and non core subjects with the teachers on the other (I support, not teach on those two days)

Long story short, as off last week the vocational courses finished and neither teacher can come to the unit anymore ( days have been dropped slowly since Jan) . This means behaviour issues aren't being monitored by SLT in the way they were. My UT teammate has been signed off with stress for two weeks. So basically I have a mixed class of old and new yr 10's in transition for the last 4 weeks, an agency supply TA and out of kilter schemes of work as they all will start anew in September.

So do I just embrace the new 5 day week, have fun teaching and fill the day with topic based stuff?
Do I complain to the current head that I am expected to teach for 2 extra days plus the work of my teammate and I should be paid full time?
Do I point out to the new academy head that old head has stuffed up by pulling both members of SLT staff and that behaviour/teaching will probably reflect that ( other UT going off is a reflection of this)?

Sorry long post. Daunted by the challenge of 4 weeks to fill.

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