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Cicera · 20/12/2017 20:55

Someone/s in my class are stealing. Bags and lockers have been gone through, someone stole things from my drawers, and one item was even taken from my desk mid-lesson! One of the cupboards the children don't have free access to was found open after break. Worse still something went missing from a child from another school.

I know one of the children has stolen things before (a book) because he acted suspicious and we found it in his bag. I also strongly suspect another one took the item from my desk as they seemed very nervous then mysteriously 'found' it later. Yet another was caught opening the cupboard the I keep my personal things in.

I'm sort of at a loss what to do about it. I called in the deputy head about the mid-lesson theft, so the children are aware it's very serious, and the children who have been caught doing the wrong thing have been punished as much as we're allowed (missing lunchtime play, parents called and the incident kept on file). They are also Y4 so old enough to be aware it's wrong, and that the victim will be upset. We've done a circle time about stealing, and I've spoken to the class several times.

Does anyone have any other advice?

It's just depressing! I've never had to lock things away before.

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