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Managing cats and stair gates

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Rufus27 · 17/04/2017 19:04

Our one year old has just started to crawl so it's time we put up stair gates (especially as our stairs are solid wood, no carpets).

The problem is that we have two large, not overly agile spoilt cats who are used to moving around the house/sleeping on our bed as they please. Both cats are very talkative and know how to make their views known.

We dont think they will be able to jump over the stair gate, especially the upstairs one (ie coming downstairs) so arent quite sure how is best to manage things. I'm worried they will either injure themselves while attempting to jump down or else wake us and DC with their howling to be let up/down at whatever time of night.

Anyone had the same issue? What worked?

It sounds like such a silly issue, but it's really worrying me!

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Spam88 · 17/04/2017 19:10

How big are they that they won't just fit through the gate..?

Rufus27 · 17/04/2017 19:12

Sorry, what I meant was that they wont be able to jump over a shit gate as they are not very agile. If we are around, there wont be a problem as we can open it for them. It's the middle of the night or when we are all out that I am worried about, if that makes sense?

OP posts:
Rufus27 · 17/04/2017 19:13

*shut Blush

OP posts:
Wolfiefan · 17/04/2017 19:13

I have a dog gate with a cat flap. Can you get a baby gate with the same?

JohnLapsleyParlabane · 17/04/2017 19:13

Mine just worked it out after a few days

Manupprincess · 17/04/2017 19:14

We got wooden stair gates then cut one of the bars about two thirds of the way down. We then used some of the cut away Wood to make a cross beam. Cats can get through and it's too small for a baby to get stuck in.

Managing cats and stair gates
RatOnnaStick · 17/04/2017 19:14

My two never worked.out stair gates either. They just got used to staying downstairs.

Sunshinegirl82 · 17/04/2017 19:16

I don't know the answer but I'm interested to know if anyone else does! Our cat becomes furious if any doors are shut and shouts incessantly until it's opened so dreading the stair gate issue!

SacharissaCrisplock · 17/04/2017 19:17

I was worried about our lazy cats not being able to get over them, especially when their servants are at home to open the gates on their whim but they've got used to them.

For the bottom gate they jump and land on about the third step, using the gate as a sort of spring step.

For the gate at the top which was my biggest worry I've seen them go up and over to get up and to get back down again they fit through the banister to the side of it (over the stair drop iyswim) and then wind themselves round so they're back on the stairs.

It took them a couple of weeks of mewing to get the hang of it and they would still prefer us to open the gates but it seems to be ok.

Asmoto · 17/04/2017 19:18

I 'taught' mine by putting chairs on either side of the gate (put in for the dog) so they had a step up. My 17 year old cat can still manage it so you may find yours are more agile than you expect.

Abbottscat · 17/04/2017 19:18

I was worried about this but our tubby cat somehow manages to flatten herself out and get underneath. It's impressive. Mostly she's trying to get away from the baby! The other one jumps it. I think if they want to get past enough they will.

Nonibaloni · 17/04/2017 19:19

I have 3 cats, big boy cat doesn't miss a step as he leaps over. Little girl cat looks rather beautiful as she weaves through the bars. Bigger girl cat pulled the dam thing away from the wall shoving through and is then very cross and has to be eased (shoved) back the way she came. . We tried steps either side because the gate is actually for dum dog. That didn't work either.

Sawing a space seems like a plan.

EllieQ · 17/04/2017 19:22

Depends on the type of gate - we have a gate at the top of the stairs that has a gap at one side that the cat can fit through. The gate at the bottom of the stairs is a Lindam one (where the middle of the gate opens), but the cat can jump from the third step to the top of the gate, then down (and vice versa to get up). We put some foam pipe insulation along the top so she has something to grip onto when she jumps Smile

summerfruitsquash · 17/04/2017 19:22
farfarawayfromhome · 17/04/2017 19:38

This thread is fascinating! About to move from a Bungalow to a house with stairs.

At the moment we close the corridor door next to our bedroom and put our cat into one side of the house (or she mithers us on the bed). Was thinking of a Stair gate to stop her coming up....could it work or will she jump it? She's far too rotund to fit through it...and I would have thought too old to jump it, but I could be wrong...

Trustyourself2 · 18/04/2017 10:05

Manupprincess ingenious! So simple & effective.

NameChange30 · 18/04/2017 10:07

Place marking! DS is still too young for us to need a stair gate but we will need one eventually..

Manupprincess · 18/04/2017 15:52

Trustyourself2 I will pass on your compliments to DH, he was quite proud of himself Grin

Bringmesunshite · 18/04/2017 16:06

I just put a step stool on non-baby side at night. Cat usually just slunk through the gate and banister at night anyway coming downstairs but couldn't quite work out how to make the return journey . She was very old and creaky and this seemed to help her slink back up.

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