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Our cat is utterly hilarious

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ShadowsCollideCantLogInToMN · 16/09/2014 00:47

DP and I adopted a stray cat a while back (with loads of advice from lovely helpful and knowledgeable MNers, for which I am so grateful). She is fucking hilarious. Seriously, she has DP and I in stitches every day. She makes us smile loads. Examples of her hilarity are:

She sits like a human on the sofa. Hind legs stretched out in front of her, sat upright, her back against the back of the sofa and front paws resting on her hind legs.

Last night, she was sitting quietly, then out of nowhere took a notion and ran at the sofa, lept up at the side of it and just hung there from her front paws, beaming at us, like she was so proud.

She once spent almost an hour chasing a piece of cheese around the floor. Every time she tried to lick it she'd scuttle it away from her, then would run after it and try again. Over and over Grin.

This is my favourite though. The other night, she was sat next to me on the sofa. She sat back on her hind legs, reached up with her front paws, grabbed my finger, and with her paws, used my finger to scratch her face.

She is bonkers and hilarious and we wouldn't be without her. Anyone else have any stories of the hilarious madness of cats?

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 16/09/2014 01:21

I think we need photos of the sofa sitting :)

QOD · 16/09/2014 04:13

My cat is git, I woke Sunday to him under my quilt, front legs wrapped round my ankle, teeth sinking into my toe ...

chockbic · 16/09/2014 16:14

Scissorclaws is pretty entertaining.

From his mews for food or attention. Sometimes both.

He likes to chew my hair. Getting rid of split ends, he says.

chockbic · 16/09/2014 16:16

Just seen the sun on his paws and went to attack them.

Silly puss.

misog2000 · 16/09/2014 16:21

Here is a picture of my fat cat sofa sitting Smile

Our cat is utterly hilarious
chockbic · 16/09/2014 16:53

He is wondering how he is going to pay that bill.

misog2000 · 16/09/2014 17:02

Probably chock

RubbishMantra · 16/09/2014 19:59

Unfortunately/hilariously I have 2 'sexy' cats.

MCat gets amorous with DH's discarded trousers.

MKitten humps his humpy-cushion in various imaginative positions. Whilst purring so loudly, that he actually sounds like a heavy breathing phone-sex-pest.

HansieLove · 17/09/2014 00:39

Scottish Fold cats will sit with their rear legs straight out in front of them. I learned this in a mystery book. Google it, they are adorable.

YeGodsAndLittleFishes · 17/09/2014 00:52

My cat loves to give me kisses. This involes quite a ritual buildup involving a lot of stroking and scratching from me, and going around in circles, pausing to push her bum in my face. When I complain about her stinky bum, she turns around and locks onto me and touches noses very gently at first, then pushes hard and slimes her snot down the side of my nose and across my check. If I stay still, she does the other side too. No one else in the family is honoured in this way. Hmm

Sometimes I wake up to find her staring at me and a tickling sensation on my face, which turns out to be mud. I think it got there by her patting my face.

Other times she wakes me by jumping up heavily beside me and dropping something on the covers. So far it has always been one of her pipe cleaner toys which she wants me to throw for her, in the dark, so she can play fetch. I've just day it's going to be a mouse, isn't it?

YeGodsAndLittleFishes · 17/09/2014 00:56

She growls at the postman too. Sometimes she sits up.on her back legs, like a meercat, to get a better look out of a window.

MrsSchadenfreude · 18/09/2014 12:25

My tabby boy likes to suck my thumb. He sits next to me in the evening with my thumb in his mouth and drools. Confused

MarchEliza · 18/09/2014 12:40

My cat likes to scramble up onto the bed but underneath the bedspread and then she charges around (all I can see is a moving lump) chasing my hand as I press it down on the bed.

She also sometimes chases her own tail and often rolls over, falling off the sofa/bed in the process. She then gives me a very hurt look when I laugh.

Pointlessfan · 18/09/2014 21:51

My cat regularly falls off the settee and gets very grumpy when we laugh at him. He doesn't have to be doing anything to do this. He just falls off. I thought cats were meant to have amazing balance???

RiverRocks · 18/09/2014 22:23

RCat will never get up and walk off your lap. Oh no. He has to do a backwards somersault. In slow motion.

TCat is much more dignified-gives RCat a dirty look and continues sleeping.

sashh · 19/09/2014 08:36


A mouse if you are lucky. If you are very lucky it will be dead.

But it might be half a rabbit, a squirrel or we had a cat that liked to bring live moles in.

Preciousbane · 19/09/2014 08:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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