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My cat has cysticis

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fluffydressinggown · 13/09/2014 22:32

And of course I am in hospital unable to do anything about it. Grr.

DH noticed she was peeing only tiny amounts and noticed spots of blood in her pee. Took her to the vet who diagnosed cystitis and gave her an anti-inflamatory, anti-biotics and something to de-stress her. The vet said it was stress but honestly my cat is so laid back and unstressed, she curled up and fell asleep at the vets! I am worried it is because we feed her a mix of Iams (dry) and Whiskers (wet).

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crazynanna · 13/09/2014 22:37

So sorry about your girl ( poor thing) and sorry you are in hospital Thanks
Could that be what is stressing her? You being away from home?

Mostlyjustaluker · 13/09/2014 22:40

My cat gets this when stressed. Our vets said good dried food is best for cats but if you can't afford royal canine or hills ect it is best to feed wet. If she is stress then feliway might be a good idea.

Lonecatwithkitten · 14/09/2014 08:58

Whilst she is having a bout of cystitis 100% wet food is the single most effective treatment (clinical trials have shown this). I advise only wet food for 7 days.

Passmethecrisps · 14/09/2014 09:02

Poor wee cat. My cat developed this after a lengthy period in vet hospital.

We got two litter trays and both are kept very clean.

She always has a great deal of water available

We stopped all dried food as it dehydrates them

We use feliway plugin.

Since doing all of these she hasn't had a single attack. Once we caved and gave her some biscuits as she loves them but she developed a really nasty case very quickly.

Fingers crossed yours recovers quickly

hiddenhome · 14/09/2014 13:24

I'd change from Whiskers tbh. It's junk food Sad

Try to get a better one and cut back on the dry food.

fluffydressinggown · 16/09/2014 11:08

To update she is doing really well :) My DH says she is back to normal.

The stress thing I don't get, she is such a happy, laid back little thing, always purring and wanting a fuss and she loves going outside and just sitting in the garden. My DH says that maybe she is missing me?

Will try some different wet food, the vet said that Iams is fine but we can afford her to have Hills or Royal Canin if need be.

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