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Cats with sensitive digestion

9 replies

Drania · 12/09/2014 19:30

Has anyone had any experience with cats with a sensitive stomach? Our vet has recommended we put them on a diet with one of the branded special foods (Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved) - any recommendations from anyone with more experience?

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Lonecatwithkitten · 12/09/2014 19:44

Is it vomiting or diarrhoea or both. What tests have been done?

Drania · 12/09/2014 22:23

Vomiting - he felt her belly and throat and took some blood tests. We're to try and salvage a stool sample.

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Fluffycloudland77 · 13/09/2014 11:07

We had this but it was d&v, cereal free food sorted it out in days.

They put maize or maize gluten into cat food, probably as a cheap bulking agent.

shaska · 13/09/2014 18:38

Definitely try grain free first - can't speak for Canin but James Wellbeloved is much enjoyed by our two.

Try certain meats as well - I've heard of cats that will vomit specifically fish, etc.

Or, is she gobbling? IME some cats gobble and puke, especially with dry food.

hiddenhome · 13/09/2014 19:23

My old cat has a sensitive stomach and I feed her on Gourmet Pearl by Purina. It's mostly meat and she loves it and never vomits now.

Beautifullymixed · 14/09/2014 17:47

Some cats are sensitive to the grain in cat food. Cats are obligate carnivores and don't need grains. They are purely there to bulk up the food and increase profits for the manufacturers. They give no nutritional value to the cat at all.

I get cross when foods such as royal canine/science crap is sold at extortionate prices-especially when they are recommended for delicate tummies/vomiting cats etc. And they are often contributing to the problem. They are jam packed with maize, corn etc, all cheap, rubbish acting as fillers, but sold as premium foods at premium prices.Angry

Raw food is even better for delicate tummies, but not for everyone I know.

shaska · 14/09/2014 22:57

Beautifullymixed - I get cross about Canin/Hills etc too. When I looked at the ingredients I realised it's basically 'whiskas with science words', which is fine, but not so much, I don't think, at the price they charge.

Beautifullymixed · 14/09/2014 23:15

Shaska love the 'whiskas with science words'. But unfortunately, oh so true. And pushed by vets, advertised heavily- when it's overpriced rubbish.

Best to do your own research with cat food and learn to read the ingredients lists. You'd be surprised sometimes. And might save money.

It's often dry foods that cause the vomiting or contribute as well, and surprise, dry food is the most commonly sold food at the vets.

Drania · 15/09/2014 23:40

Thanks all - will definitely have some research into it & look at raw foods. I was a bit Hmm when he started pushing the two brands sold at the vets...

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