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The litter tray

tail damage

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sonsmum · 09/09/2014 15:41

My cats tail has been damaged.
It's possible my husband accidentally stepped on the cats tail on saturday (as she ran off yelping in pain)
Or the tail has been bitten. We have foxes nearby and other cats.

On sunday evening we noticed a slightly bloodied lump on the tail, which was our first alert. On Monday she'd bitten the fur off around it and you can see a wound (not too nasty looking)

I called the vet who said to get a collar to stop her licking it. And to bring her in if it goes red/looks infected.

Today the wound looks a bit better, ie not bloodied and am sure i see a scab. However there is a swelling around the area. She doesn't like the lump being touched. She can move her tail. She is eating. She has done a wee but not a poo.
I am planning to keep her in until she has done a poo and then let her out again.
I have googled this issue and seen all sorts, so am now seeking advice from those experienced with cats!
Shall i continue with my plan of awaiting a poo and then letting her out (obviously keeping an eye out for infection)
Or is this lump something sinister, ie abscess, that does need attention. I've read about nastiness spreading down the spine, hence why i am awaiting a poo.

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RubbishMantra · 09/09/2014 16:33

I vote vets. They can have a look for infection, and give her ABs if need be. From what you're describing, it sounds like an abscess.

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday · 09/09/2014 18:02

Sounds like an abscess (cat bite most likely) and she needs to go to the vets.. don't let her out. Abscesses can be nasty so sooner looked at the better.

sonsmum · 10/09/2014 09:42

thanks for replies. I was going to take her to the vet this morning, however she had done a poo in the litter tray overnight, the wound looks like it has further healed and the lump has dissipated, so i think it wasn't so serious in the end, which is fortunate.
She is now outside scampering about enjoying her freedom again!

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