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The older cat is scared of the new kittens :/

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MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday · 07/09/2014 00:06

So Obie and Ophie are fab.. getting more confident by the day (13 weeks we have ahd them a week) and now going all over the house.

Our older cat is understandably not impressed. She didn't like Morph and merely tolerated him for 12 years, and I expected much hissing and growling.
What I didn't expect was her to be scared of them (or Obie.. he is the 'hi who are you, can I play?' boy, Ophie is quieter)

She has refused to come in today..not even into the conservatory which is a kitten free zone..I ended up putting her food in the garden where she is sulking in my spouts patch where she likes to sleep.

They were totally upstairs for 4 days.. have started to wander the house today but are not really in her face..but she won't come in:( She has never been cuddly but I really really hate the thought of her being outside feeling miserable. The first night she met them she was still happy to be in and chasing her beloved peacock feather but not today.

I KNOW she will take time to adjust but is there anything I can do to tempt her in? I am planning to keep the conservatory kitten free as she likes to sleep there but what else can I do?

They really aren't scary Grin

The older cat is scared of the new kittens :/
OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 07/09/2014 08:59

She is sulking. So what's her price? More fish cooked at un socialable hours? Smoked salmon and caviar canapés?.

A whole rotisserie chicken all to herself?

wantacatplease · 07/09/2014 17:38

OP I think your only option here is to re-home them to me. What time shall I pick them up? Grin

I read somewhere that putting a cloth with new kittens' scent under older cat's food bowl could help? Apparently associating yummy food with scent of new kits could help her like them. I don't know if this is a myth and can't remember where I heard it but remember reading it had some success.

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