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Dh encouraging me to get a kitten

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hiddenhome · 05/09/2014 18:43

Ds2 came home from school and told me that a girl in Year 6 had asked if we would like one of the kittens that her cat has had. She knew that ds2 was kitty mad and sought him out in the playground.

I have two cats already.

Dh has now started encouraging me to phone up the girl's mum to find out about them Hmm (he's the one who claims he doesn't even like cats).

My heart is telling me yes, but my head is telling me no Confused

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isseywithcats · 05/09/2014 19:16

just write down the pros for having another cat withhead ruling heart, then write down the cons of taking on a kitten ie spaying costs, vaccinations, worming and fleaing etc and see which list is longer or more persuasive, and whatever you do dont go to see said kittens before doing the list or the list will be irrelevant as you will have fallen in love already

Fluffycloudland77 · 05/09/2014 20:57

Yes, your dh sounds completely indifferent to cats.

How would the old girl take to a new kitten?.

hiddenhome · 05/09/2014 21:02

My old girl is okay with female cats, so we'd have to get a girl if one of them is a female. She gets stressed around males.

Dh obviously does not like cats at all.........no siree Grin

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AlpacaMyBags · 05/09/2014 21:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hoobypickypicky · 05/09/2014 21:05

issey sums it up well.

One of the biggest problems cat rescuers find (outside of neglect/abandonment etc) is when there's a problem or the owners feel overwhelmed and not all the adults in the household are on board with commitment to cat ownership. All too often someone says they never wanted the cat anyway and it's "the cat or me", the other party capitulates.

Both of you need to be committed to taking on another cat for the next possibly couple of decades. If your checklist is more nays than ayes and if one of you isn't sure about taking on the responsibility the answer has to be no.

I hope you can work it out and I hope you can convince the owner to get her cats spayed PDQ too!

hiddenhome · 05/09/2014 21:24

Yes, I always believe people should have their cats spayed. I did wonder why she'd become pregnant. She has had six kittens apparently.

I'm too embarrassed to go back to the RSPCA shelter where I got my male rescue cat because he went missing about a year ago and hasn't been found Sad I vowed never to have males again because all my male cats were killed due to wandering (they were all neutered). I can't go back there and ask for another cat.

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