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The litter tray

What the hell?

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ReadyToBreak · 04/09/2014 22:44

My neighbours, clearly not content with effectively stealing my girl and feeding her god knows what that makes her sht stink eggy (comes back to mine to use the litter tray) and be all watery, have now put in a frigging cat flap for MY cats?!?!?!

I am fuming but feel unable to confront them as they are really nice people and v good neighbours, cat stealing aside.

I've casually mentioned about not feeding her as it's making her ill (vomiting often/stinkiest sh
t ever when none prior to them taking an interest) and she's not eating the food I'm putting down - her fave food! I've tried all the brands under the sun but she isn't touching any of it.

I just don't know what to do! And needed to vent :)

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ReadyToBreak · 05/09/2014 00:13

Help? Please :)

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LineRunner · 05/09/2014 00:22

I would talk to them and just explain it as you have here - and say that you have to give her a particular diet, you have to be sure of the quantities, and you know they are trying to be lovely but what they are doing isn't good for your cat.

And as you have a litter tray, you could keep her in for a few days, to break the habit?

ReadyToBreak · 05/09/2014 07:46

Thanks LineRunner.

I was going to keep them in today and the weekend. It's very hard though as they cry at the door/windows.

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