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Taking just one cat?

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3bunnies · 27/08/2014 07:31

Our neighbours have a dog and recently acquired some cats (think they might have taken them on from relative). Cat 1 is a female and has more or less moved in here. We don't feed her but she is always v hungry and tries to eat anything she spots. She is incredibly affectionate, great with the dc and even dh is melting somewhat in the thought of having a cat. I took her around as she had a problem with her collar. When they opened the door the dog launched itself straight at her biting. She hissed and scratched back before escaping back to ours. I said I would sort out collar. Neighbour said they were considering rehoming her. We have been considering adopting a cat when ds starts school in Sept.

Cat 2 is her brother. He is more independent. Never comes in. Still spends lots of time in our garden. Will v occasionally be stroked but usually runs away. Neighbour said he is less of a problem as he doesn't want to come in so cat/ dog interaction is less.

Dh not keen to have two cats due to cost/ arrangements when away etc. (Not wanting to put a cat flap in as conservatory at back, though would consider it into shed). Dh has never had a pet so even having one is a bit of a leap. Ideally (from our perspective) neighbours would keep cat 2 and then we would have cat 1. They could still be together for much of the day outside. The other possibility is that they might decide to rehome both cats in which case should we say to send them both away (though our dc would be v sad to see her go)?

OP posts:
bishboschone · 27/08/2014 07:40

I think the boy cat is aloof because if the dog and would probably calm down with a bit of love . I would suspect he isn't neutered either so that will help.i think it's much nicer to have two cats together . Mine moved each other ( until one died recently ) also what will happen to the poor boy if you don't have him? You can get insurance for both which won't cost much more than one .

3bunnies · 27/08/2014 08:00

It is more an issue that dh isn't keen to have more than one. Is it better to send both away? I do stroke the boy when he comes near. I think dh's issue is mainly that he doesn't want to have his freedom to go away curtailed. One cat seems less scary to him than two (although I realise that practically there is little difference).

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 27/08/2014 08:15

I'm thinking the males not been neutered because he's out more. Neutered males are homebodies post snip and very affectionate.

I'd keep feeding them, if they can't go into their own home for food and you don't feed them who will?.

Unless you are rolling in money most of us have our "going away at short notice" wings clipped due to kids or mortgages Wink.

bishboschone · 27/08/2014 13:20

Having toe is really no different I one as long as you get insurance . Cats are much less of a tie than dogs. You can just get a neighbour to drop some food in and if you have a cat flap then you are sorted Grin

3bunnies · 27/08/2014 14:45

We can't put a cat flap in - large patio doors and dh would never sanction messing with them. Might be able to set something up with dry food in the shed. After fluffy's comment I did give them some food (hadn't done so far) and I could barely get it out of the pouch, the boy came and joined in. I think that is why the collar had slipped around her stomach. When I put it back on I had to tighten it further (it is elasticated and still not tight). I don't want to over feed them though. She settled down and slept on my lap for a while but is back to trying to steal food again.

OP posts:
bishboschone · 27/08/2014 15:22

A car flap in the shed is fine .. As long as they have a shelter . I have a dog bed on my open porch and my cats sleep on top of each other when it's cold or wet and we are out.

Fluffycloudland77 · 27/08/2014 16:56

Oh dear they must be starving. Actually starving to death.

3bunnies · 27/08/2014 21:04

How much should I feed them though? I haven't heard from neighbours since last night so not sure what if anything they are planning to do about them.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 27/08/2014 21:07

I'd give a pouch each but leave it a couple of hours between feeds or they'll throw it up.

Poor cats. People think they can fend for themselves.

3bunnies · 27/08/2014 21:29

I just gave them another two pouches which they attacked and gobbled down. The boy seems a bit bigger but I think I just saw him out hunting. The girl was in our playhouse. I have shown her before where there is a broken window (nothing in it at all so no sharp bits). She has some shelter. I am not sure how to approach the neighbours. Where we are it doesn't help to get on the wrong side of people.

OP posts:
timtam23 · 28/08/2014 23:20

Poor cats. I am a big softy and would probably beg my DH to agree to have both of them. If neighbours have already made the comment about rehoming they have left the door open for you to approach them, I suppose. Would they take it badly if you offered to have one or both? Do they already know that the female spends a lot of time with you and you are becoming fond of her?
I agree that the male cat would probably be much more friendly if neutered (my neutered male cats have always been very friendly & affectionate)

itsnothingoriginal · 29/08/2014 22:19

We adopted a single female kitten. Thought long and hard because the centre wanted us to take 2 kittens but we literally couldn't afford it at the time and provide for them properly. My cat seems very content tbh and much as I would love another one now we're a bit more flush financially, she's set in her ways now and would never have it!

Hope your neighbours will keep cat 2 and then you could have the best of both worlds if you can adopt the female..

HansieLove · 30/08/2014 16:25

I don't see where two is much more responsibility than one. You have to arrange care for your one cat if you go on vacation. Also, who is feeding the cats, besides you? The neighbors are not feeding them now, so they are unlikely to feed the boy cat if you take the female.

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