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Worming tablets help pls

4 replies

LoopyLa · 03/08/2014 13:00

Hi all

I need to worm my kitties for the first time & wondered if anyone had any recommendations for worming tablets pls? I'm not very good at drops on the back of the neck yet (for flea treatments) so would prefer not to use those type at the moment.

TIA Smile

OP posts:
chockbic · 03/08/2014 13:02

Drontal is a good brand to use.

Gingermum · 06/08/2014 15:55

Hi Loopy. The best way I've found so far, is to open the kitten's mouth, keeping her head tilted up, put the tablet in there, then gently massage her throat which makes her lick her mouth and swallow. I then give her a cat treat and some water.

I used to crush it up in the food but my cats always managed to eat round it!

17leftfeet · 06/08/2014 15:58

Are you wanting recommendations for brands or technique?

Lonecatwithkitten · 06/08/2014 23:05

Milbemax is a very good band and easier to give than drontal.

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