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Siamese x kitties

24 replies

chockbic · 02/08/2014 17:48

This is a bit of a strange one...

We have seen two kitties both boys and they stank of poop.

Is this usual for a Siamese or cross? Or is it a boy kitty thing?

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cozietoesie · 02/08/2014 17:55

Not in my experience. Were they from the same place?

chockbic · 02/08/2014 17:57

Thanks, cozie, no different places.

Both kitties looked clean enough just didn't smell it.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 02/08/2014 18:02

Hmm. That's new to me - is there anything different about you, chockbic ?

(I'm surprised that there should be two sets of Siamese x kitties available on the same weekend, though. (Unless there's some very active escaped and unneutered Siamese partying around. Were they both fairly local to you? And of the same age?)

chockbic · 02/08/2014 18:05

Lol most likely. I do have a keen nose though DH could smell it too :D

There was one last weekend and one this.

OP posts:
chockbic · 02/08/2014 18:08

Ages were 11 and 12 weeks about fifty miles apart.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 02/08/2014 18:21

I think I'd be wanting to ask some very hard questions about those potential sales. (I'm assuming they weren't free.) I'd be wanting to see their mothers and also to know just how the current 'owners' knew they were part Siames - unless there was an obvious colouring transfer.

Maybe they were taken from their dam too soon and didn't get proper instruction on cleaning or something? That's all I can think of - all my boys have been most assiduous cleaners of their nether regions.

chockbic · 02/08/2014 18:26

No, they weren't free. One showed the mother, the other didn't.

They both looked Siamese with the pointy face and long legs. No vocalizing though. Which was part of the decision process as old girl was so vocal. Be strange to have a quiet puss now.

You have to be so careful don't you?

OP posts:
Branleuse · 02/08/2014 18:30

my old cat used to smell pooey a lot as a kitten. It got a lot better when i changed her diet.

chockbic · 02/08/2014 18:32

Maybe that's it diet and regular bathing?

I've never had a,boy cat so didn't know if that might be why.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 02/08/2014 18:34

I've still got many questions there.

But yes - you do have to be desperately careful with these kits. Sadly, the inclusion of pedigree blood in a kitten (or puppy) can lead to some very dodgy practices these days.

I'm just a suspicious cuss, probably. (Even though it near breaks your heart to walk away from some poor wee soul.)

chockbic · 02/08/2014 18:38

I can imagine but yes they didn't feel right I suppose. Or smell right quite possibly.

The last one was kept in a shed :(

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 02/08/2014 18:50

That's awful.

chockbic · 02/08/2014 18:55

I know and I feel like rescuing him.

Its just the smell it was awful.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 02/08/2014 19:03

As I said - it can be heartbreaking at times.

Fluffycloudland77 · 02/08/2014 19:07

I'd report them to the RSPCA.

You should have to be licenced to breed an animal.

Branleuse · 03/08/2014 10:10

rspca arent going to do anything. Why would they?

chockbic · 03/08/2014 12:52

It said on the ad from a loving home!

Not really, the poor thing. Fortunately his litter mates had gone, so hopefully he will go soon too.

The other kitty didn't seem very socialised either. I'm seeing a pattern. Perhaps Siamese cats are too much for some folk?

OP posts:
Branleuse · 03/08/2014 13:08

im really struggling to see the problem. Its cats. You either want one or you dont.

Kittens sometimes smell

LEMmingaround · 03/08/2014 13:19

Branleuse. Of course there's a problem. Or a potential one which is what the op is trying to avoid.

Branleuse · 03/08/2014 13:55

but the smell of poo is likely to be on their fur fromnot being very good at cleaning their bums yet or because they have the wrong diet, as was the case with a rescue kitten I had. A cross bred kitty is not likely to have any major problems.

LEMmingaround · 03/08/2014 14:12

I think what sticks in my gullet is the fact that they are probably still £££s. Id be wanting Insurance , health checks,proof of wormers . Just like a puppy. That would push me more towards a pedigree siamese Envy or id go to a rescue.rather than fund a back yard breeder. The poo smell would be a secondary concern.

LEMmingaround · 03/08/2014 14:15

But of course the fact ive always wanted a siamese cat ( pref red pointed) is bloody I relevant because my dp is allergic to cats and I have jack russels (bastards) - but im not hitter. Oh no no no Hmm

LEMmingaround · 03/08/2014 14:15


chockbic · 03/08/2014 14:23

Thanks for your replies.

Lem it looks as if DP will have to go then :D

Bran we are just being careful to get the right kitty for us.

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