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Keeping an old cat cool

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LouisaJF · 23/07/2014 16:14

I've got a poor old boy with a thick coat who really seems to be struggling in this weather. I make sure he has cool spots in and out of the house and constant supply of water. He won't come in a room with a fan on and has just spent most of his time sprawled on my wooden floor (which isn't that cool).

I have a younger cat who is keeping quiet and seems ok but my old chap wasn't blessed with many brains so I'm worried about him. Are there any other ways I can keep him cool?

OP posts:
PumpkinsMummy · 23/07/2014 16:22

Does he seek out cool places to lie? I use a wet tea towel in the freezer for my dogs but not sure a cat woul want it. Is there a room ou could open the windows of early in morning or late at night then keep windows and curtains closed all day? Really makes a difference in this heat. Hot water bottle filled with ice water, wrapped in thin towel put in favourite bed?

LouisaJF · 23/07/2014 16:25

His favourite spot tends to be one of my dining chairs but he won't sit on it if I put anything on it. We keep the patio doors in the dining room open from the minute we get up until the minute we go to bed so that there is plenty of air and he can come and go.

OP posts:
RubbishMantra · 23/07/2014 21:10

Would he tolerate a misting of water, so that when it evaporates, it cools him down. If not, stroke him with wet hands?

I also hide water in their wet food in this weather as cats don't have much of a thirst trigger, so can become dehydrated fairly quickly.

How would he feel about having a bit of a trim to thin his coat at your local cat beauty-parlour?

PumpkinsMummy · 24/07/2014 09:09

Yes, second getting him trimmed/thinned. You can get thinning brushes from pets at home I think.

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