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The litter tray

Omg - the hair!

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Cornettoninja · 19/07/2014 12:57

I have two black moggies, love 'em to death but this summer the fur seems amazingly out of control.

Now, we have moved into a house that's all hard flooring so I appreciate that the balls of fur drifting around are somewhat inevitable without a handy carpet to keep them immobile till I get the Hoover out, but the place is literally dripping in random cat hair anytime they mozey on through...

The grumpy older one won't tolerate a brush but let's me gently pull the loose fur out for a bit before freddy kruegering me. The younger one loves the brush but gets over excited and starts rolling/rubbing and all the freshly loosened fur goes flying Grin

The only useful tip I've gleaned from google is putting on a pair of socks and polishing the floor which picks up loads (and I've never had such clean skirting boards!) but I was wondering if anyone on here had some life changing tip for dealing with a furpocalyse?

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Lonecatwithkitten · 19/07/2014 17:06

I changed a living room carpet to hardwood floor and was shocked by the dust bunnies. The way I learned to live with it was all that hair was going into the carpet before now it's going into the hover.

Cornettoninja · 19/07/2014 18:20

Ah, so I may just have to go with reconciliation as the way to deal with it? Roll on winter I say Grin

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