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The litter tray

Stray cat in garden

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blingers526 · 14/07/2014 21:03

have had a youngish cat in my garden, she has had kittens recently but shows no inclination to go home.
took her to vets to see if she had been microchipped, but nothing.
She still has milk in the teats, how long can kittens last? she doesn't belong to the neighbours and hasn't been reported missing. Unsure what to do with her, any ideas? vet thought she would find her way home but she isn't interested in leaving

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sashh · 14/07/2014 21:16

Sounds like you have been adopted

timtam23 · 14/07/2014 21:21

Could you take her in? Are the kittens still around somewhere? She will get pregnant again if she is not spayed soon - but I'm not sure how old the kittens have to be before spaying mum.

Fluffycloudland77 · 14/07/2014 22:17

It sounds like she hasn't got a home though. Does she still have the kittens?.

Cpl might neuter her for you if you take her in.

blingers526 · 14/07/2014 22:22

I've not seen the kittens at all...
Because she still has milk in her teats, vets told me to bring her back, put her in the garden and she will find her own way back.
she won't leave...just don't like the thought of kittens out there without their mother.
Will contact CPL in the morning

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