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How much amionda carny do you feed your cat?

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Fluffycloudland77 · 13/07/2014 12:46

Fluffy cat is 6kg 6.5kg on a bad day and eats 300-400g of wet food a day. It is 9% protein.

Do you think he would need less amionda or the same? Amionda is 11% protein so theoretically more filling.

He is not overweight, just muscly.

OP posts:
Beautifullymixed · 13/07/2014 13:03

Try him and see!
It's quite a dense pate, so appears extra filling as less jelly to pack up the tin iyswim.

Animonda is a good choice, good quality but economically priced wet food. Lots of flavours to choose from.

It is quite high in offal though, so doesn't agree with all cats. Maybe go a bit slow when introducing it.

RubbishMantra · 14/07/2014 16:58

I started off feeding our kitten Animonda Kitten, and he did have a bit of a squitty bum. Maybe as Beautifully said, it was a bit rich for him. I was feeding him 200g a day with Applaws kitten biscuits.

Since switching to Smila kitten (also cereal free) I guess he eats more of that, maybe 300g a day, it seems to have more jelly than the Animonda.

Beautifullymixed · 14/07/2014 17:42

He might eat more of the smilla because of it's lower meat content than the animonda. It's slightly inferior to the animomda.

Meat by products/meal won't be as filling as muscle meat,and animonda has a higher meat content. Also the jelly In smilla is not as filling (or nutritious).

He has to eat more to feel satisfied.

RubbishMantra · 14/07/2014 18:48

I think I'll see if his tummy can handle the Animonda by introducing it slo Did slowly.

Did your cats get a runny bum at all when you introduced them to Animonda?

Beautifullymixed · 14/07/2014 20:52

Oooh,sorry I can't remember exactly-so I don't think so.

They started off with the kitten food as well and liked it at first,but presently turn their nose up at it. Which is handy because I have several tins in the cupboard. I shall wait a while then try them again.

It's unbelievable how fussy cats are isn't it Smile

redsplodge · 14/07/2014 23:44

I feed my two a little under what the feeding guidelines say on the tin (as I'm trying to slim down Hairy Cat a bit, and Tiny Cat is, er, tiny so doesn't need too much).

Neither had runny bum problems when I switched them over, thankfully, as squitty bums and long haired cats are not a good mix! I did do the change over gradually though. If it's not tmi, I'll add that the smell from the litter tray is much less than when Hairy Cat was fed Felix As Good As It Looks, so it seems not all cats have an issue with the high meat content.

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