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Cats - they know, you know

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Tabby1963 · 10/07/2014 07:59

So this morning cats are going to c.a.t.t.e.r.y. and I haven't said a word. Their usual routine is to have breakfast then go to my bed to sleep it off. But no, not this morning. This morning as I opened the front door to nab the milk off the step they both shot out into the street! Aaargh!

Only wearing a short silk nightie and slippers I ran, crouched, down the drive with box of their favourite biscuits to shake, quite desperate to get them inside again. We are off on holiday today and I don't want to have to comb the local woods and gardens to try and locate the buggers my darling cats.

Tabbyboy1 was easy 'cos he's a greedy sod. Tabbyboy2 two required me to go right onto the road bugger in full view of every neighbour who would happen to open their curtains and look out but it was early thankfully. What they'd see is very large middle aged woman with wild hair wearing sexy (?) nightie shaking a box of cat biscuits and trying to bend down and grab tabby cat without 'exposing' anything.

Successfully managed to grab cat2 and, holding him in virtually a headlock, got him inside. They both went straight upstairs to sleep, sods.

Earlier, Tabbyboy1 rubbed against the cup containing my freshly made tea before I'd even had a sip, the force of him doing this he's a big boy knocked it off the table and it fell onto my new carpet (cat and tea coloured, thankfully). Mopped and cleaned up as much as possible, made new cuppa, realised I'd no milk left and went to get milk of the step.... go back to beginning of story lol.

Here I am now, fresh cuppa made and cats in bed big sigh. The calm before the storm of getting everything organised before big hol.

I love my boys but how did they know? Hmmm.

Tell me your stories Grin.

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cozietoesie · 10/07/2014 08:28

You would think you were behaving 'normally' but I bet you weren't - at least as far as the cats were concerned. They're sensitive to even little changes in body language, tension, etc etc. (It's a serious business being a cat - you have to learn to read the smallest thing, I reckon.)

By the way - how appropriate and sensible of you to buy your new carpet with the cats' colouring in mind!

Your neighbours could be very impressed by your night attire and it might have been a whole load worse. Imagine what you could have been wearing for your street adventure! Grin

Tabby1963 · 10/07/2014 09:10

Yes, cozietoesie, the carpet was very carefully chosen Grin. Cream would have looked better for a few minutes lol but eventually I chose an attractive shade of brown (is there such a thing?)

I guess you're right about the cats being sensitive. I have clothes hanging around the doors upstairs (waiting to go into suitcase in spare room). I wonder if they saw the suitcase and put two and two together. Suitcase = cat box = cattery. Yes, perhaps that's it.

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isseywithcats · 10/07/2014 13:23

yep they are pretty savvy the stray i took in booked his snip and on the day he didnt come in till it was too late to take him, so cancellation number one, then when he was supposed to go again he came in limping, he had had a fight with another cat poorly paw bite on it so they couldnt do him due to infection possibility, £68 for anti bs and anti inflammitorys, try number three i finally got him into the carrier got him to the vets result mom £100 worse off financially and one cat minus his pom poms

WellWhoKnew · 10/07/2014 13:28

I always get the cat carrier out a few days before I go to the vets. Cats love it, often find one or other curled up in it.

Then vet day arrives and cats decide to freaking hide somewhere I can't get to them.

They just know today is the day.

Get in car, not a murmur all the way to the vets. Scream their heads off all the way back. Yet the worst is over!

Love them, though.

MinesaBottle · 10/07/2014 14:43

They totally know. I was up at 6.30 this morning (cramps) and the cat was very confused as to why I was up and about. He didn't even eat his breakfast until the usual time of 8!

Tabby1963 · 10/07/2014 17:19

Well, there is a follow up tale because I assumed that both cats were upstairs asleep and went up with a cuppa for DH (I'm good like that lol).

There was Tabbyboy2 asleep on bed, but where was the other one? Couldn't find him and realised that he'd probably climbed out of the open bathroom window! He had, so I went downstairs and got the box of cat biscuits and went into the garden to entice him in again. It didn't work but it did wake Tabbyboy2 who climbed out of the bathroom window also (why didn't I shut the blooming window!).

I managed to grab Tabbyboy 2 and put him straight into his cat box. Then it was just a matter of waiting for Tabbyboy1 to turn up. after half an hour he did (I know he sometimes goes somewhere else for another breakfast). He was nabbed and boxed and the both of them taken to local cattery. Phew!

Issy, it is expensive having cats but well worth it ( Grin pom poms!)

WellWhoKnew, my cats don't mind the vets but hate being imprisoned in their basket in the car; they yowl the whole way there and back.

Minesabottle, They so love their routines, don't they? Smile

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