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Moving house, how long to keep him in?

8 replies

Mostlyjustaluker · 05/07/2014 21:35

We have recently move house. How long should we keep kitty in for?

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 05/07/2014 21:43

A month. I'm not going to pretend its easy but it's necessary.

Don't forget to get his chip details updated too.

Sparklingbrook · 05/07/2014 21:45

Don't forget to keep your windows shut and put notes on all external doors to remind everyone not to open them without locating kitty first.

Mostlyjustaluker · 05/07/2014 21:56

Thank you.

We are going on holiday on the four week anniversary of our move so I think the poor thing will have to stay in four five weeks.

OP posts:
CatKisser · 05/07/2014 21:57

I did it for a month too. I irritated every single person who came to my house with cries of "agh, don't open the door, where's the cat??"

Mostlyjustaluker · 05/07/2014 22:05

We have been in for a week and is only just starting to show a moderate interest in doors.

OP posts:
Pancakeflipper · 05/07/2014 22:10

I did 6 weeks. Dunno why. Then the grand day came when we let him out. I was so worried he'd leg it.

He sat on the doorstep for an hour then walked back in.
Though he soon adjusted and loved his big new garden. It made him a happy cat.

Mostlyjustaluker · 05/07/2014 22:16

I feel a bit guilty as we used to live opposite a large park which was amazing for him.

We have moved him once before and i think we gave up and let him out after three weeks but that time he was very stressed about the move and desperate to get out so we thought it would be better to let him out.

OP posts:
Me624 · 06/07/2014 12:04

We moved recently and I think we kept him in for three weeks. He was very stressed by the move and didn't show any interest for the first two weeks but in that third week it was like something clicked and then he was desperate to get out. We made sure the first time we let him out was a Saturday morning when we were around and we walked round with him exploring, but he soon found his feet.

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