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The litter tray

FieldCat vs the car, didn't go well

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FieldRose · 03/07/2014 13:16

FieldCat got hit yesterday afternoon by a car. I saw it happen right outside our house. The car wasn't even going that fast - FieldCat just seemed to walk straight out into its rear wheel.

He's had a load of Xrays. His pelvis is broken, and his spine isn't lining up right. They're bringing in an orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow to operate. Long-term he should be ok, but obviously they can't guarantee it. There could be neurological complications, the surgery might not work, there's one broken bone in his hip that they definitely can't fix but he should be ok with that once they've removed it...

Cost £500 for the Xrays and care so far. The surgery will cost £2-£2.5K. We're insured with Petplan for £4K for the policy year and I've been trying to get the insurance people to pay the vet directly. The vet's happy with this, and Petplan have said that whilst they can't guarantee any claim would be paid until it is actually claimed, they couldn't see any reason why it wouldn't be paid.

Please reassure me that a) FieldCat will be ok and b) that the insurance will pay.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 06/07/2014 21:29

Ah. Well Seniorboy's electric blanket was still on at that point - so completely fair. (Especially with the shaved bit.)

cozietoesie · 07/07/2014 18:15

How's he doing?

FieldRose · 07/07/2014 22:19

Sleeping lots and so far hasn't been too annoyed about the box. He does occasionally look like he wants to take some steps but it's still too soon. Poor thing hasn't made it in to the litter tray yet - just wee'd on his bed. And he's mainly eating when we hold the bowl close to him.

No poos yet. If we're still no poos tomorrow, then it's on to the laxatives.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 07/07/2014 22:24

I've often wondered whether being in a cage at the vet's acts as a transition for some of them, getting them a little more accustomed to it than if you'd just put them straight in.

When is he due to see the vet again?

FieldRose · 07/07/2014 22:39

I guess he's using all his energy up recovering at the moment as well.

If everything goes well, not for a couple of weeks. If we have to give him a laxative and then still no poos, we'll be back on Wednesday.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 07/07/2014 22:53

Poor lad - he's had a rough time.

All the best to him and keep us up to date with progress?

FieldRose · 09/07/2014 18:07

Back at the vets today as still no poo despite giving him a laxative. He was in all day. They gave him something else and he did it whilst he was there. He's home again now. They think it's post op stress Hmm

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 11/07/2014 17:20

How's he doing, FieldRose?

FieldRose · 12/07/2014 21:33

We had laxative-induced poo at home today! Progress Grin

We've opened up his cage this evening for a hug and a stretch. Cheeky monkey tried to make a break for the door! He can barely walk!

Nice to see a bit of the old FieldCat again but we're in for a long few weeks!

OP posts:
StandsOnGoldenSands · 12/07/2014 21:39

Poor cat. Sending get-well-soon thoughts.
The idea of having either of mine in a cage ... Brrrr. Big challenge.

cozietoesie · 12/07/2014 21:41

Laxative-induced or no, it will ease him. Being bunged up puts them off their food and agitates them in my experience. Good for him.

Decent progress, I think, given the state he was in originally?

FieldRose · 12/07/2014 21:57

Very good progress. He's doing really well.

It's going to get tough as he gets better but am just trying to concentrate on what we've got to deal with now rather than worry too much about the next couple of weeks.

The numpty threw himself at a closed window in his younger days in a bid to escape when we were keeping him for some outlandish reason or other.

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