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loss of hair on tail?

20 replies

hashtagwhatever · 29/06/2014 01:16

I noticed last night our 10 month old tortoise shell cat has fur missing at the base of her tail, she has a very fluffy tail but the bottom is down to not much fur.

she doesn't go outside.

What could it be? Obviously I will take her to the vets to be sure but any ideas.

She is holding her tail up also. Otherwise fine in herself playing/feeding normally.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 29/06/2014 07:22

When was her last flea control?

sashh · 29/06/2014 07:35

That's typical of fleas.

hashtagwhatever · 29/06/2014 10:27

Can she get fleas if she doesn't go outside? .

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 29/06/2014 10:31

She can. Houses aren't a closed environment so eg you might be bringing in fleas/flea eggs/worm eggs etc from outside. Probably less chance of catching them - but it's not zero.

cozietoesie · 29/06/2014 10:32

PS - Seniorboy has had a flea even though he's a housecat. I treat him for fleas and worms - although probably not as frequently as I treat cats who go outside.

hashtagwhatever · 29/06/2014 10:57

I will get her a treatment thanks I didn't know she could catch them. Worms was another thought as it is the base of her tail. I was thinking maybe she has a itchy bum.

OP posts:
Beansprout30 · 29/06/2014 22:51

Hi, my cat has the same and is getting bold patches on her hind legs too. Is your cat itchy and cleaning excessively?I took mine to the vet and he said it was the time of year and she basically has an allergy to pollen and there isn't much we can do. He gave her a shot of something which eased the itching and her fur grew back but now it has come back :(

TitsCrossed · 29/06/2014 23:29

Male TitCat was taken to the vet with this last week. He is flead/wormed regularly so knew it wasn't that. In his case it was due to excessive licking as his anal glands weren't emptying properly. Vet manually sorted it out and said he was surprised as not a common cat problem. We came to the conclusion that a recent change in diet (dried to tins) may have caused it (not enough fibre) but don't know if that is true or not.

hashtagwhatever · 29/06/2014 23:42

Yes she has been cleaning herself a lot more of late.

It's just the base of her tail not on her hind legs. I have watched to see if she has been rubbing it but have not caught her so far. Does look as though it has been rubbed away though.

I flea treated her today and she is due a worm too.

I guess the vet is the next step.

Interesting about the change of food, brand has been changed recently but still wet food.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 30/06/2014 07:34

I seem to recall that dog fleas can't live above a certain altitude so that, for instance, if you live in Denver, Colorado (which is high up) your dogs don't get fleas. I've always wondered whether this applies to cat fleas as well so if any American posters are lurking, I'd be interested to know.

(I don't think I've imagined this - about the dog fleas, I mean.)

Doesn't help you of course, hashtag - just some idle musing with the first cup of coffee. Interesting about the food but maybe try the parasite treatments first and see how she gets on. (And start ultra-hoovering in the house, yourself.) What kind of flea control did you use?

crazynanna · 30/06/2014 07:45

Does she have crazy moments where she grooms her back end furiously then runs like mad and does her body seem to ripple?

Beansprout30 · 30/06/2014 18:40

I personally wouldn't use flea treatment unless you are sure it's fleas, id go to vet

cozietoesie · 30/06/2014 19:47

There is that of course and the OP is planning to do it - but the cat does need a decent flea and worm treatment anyway if she's never had one. If it's a flea allergy, that will do the trick.

hashtagwhatever · 30/06/2014 21:03

I used frontline and I have gone over her with a comb. Nothing there?

Today she has been grooming her tail end alot.

Today she has been wormed too.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 30/06/2014 21:12

See how she is (grooming wise) tomorrow - there are other possibilities which may need a vet's visit. (But you were quire right to flea and worm her anyway. Just keep a note of the products and the date and let the vet know if you need to go.)

IAmANightOwl · 30/06/2014 21:34

Frontline isn't as effective now - if you Google it, you'll see why. Best to get her to the Vets ASAP and get a flea treatment from them if that's causing the issue.

cozietoesie · 30/06/2014 22:06

I think it rather depends where you are although there certainly seems to be flea immunity to it in some places. It's not the one I use myself I'll admit.

Beansprout30 · 30/06/2014 22:49

I dont think flea treatment should be used unless op is sure it's fleas. No wonder the treatments are becoming ineffective they are used far too frequently. I never use them on my cats and neither of my two have had fleas. Hope you get to the bottom of it op, would be interested to hear what your vet says

cozietoesie · 30/06/2014 22:56

I'd have to disagree on that one, Beansprout. Keeping on top of fleas and worms is important for a pet's health in my view. When you see animals with parasite loads, it's pretty grim.

Siarie · 30/06/2014 23:04

It might be that the area is causing pain (various reasons) and your cat is licking the area. A vet trip is best, they should be able to do some tests and a routine checkup for you.

There are so many reasons for loss of hair in cats :)

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