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Decided to foster - any tips?

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NannyLouise29 · 22/06/2014 12:42

As renters DP and I have avoided getting a pet as we obviously can't commit to the long term, however a friend of mine recently told me about fostering a cat (or cats) temporarily which I think could really work for us. I grew up with cats, and have an elderly Siamese who lives with my mum. DP is generally a very calm and unflappable individual.

We live in a garden flat (walled communal garden shared by other cats) in London, and have the permission of our landlord. We both work but DP often works from home, and I often get a lot of unexpected time off (sometimes a whole month) where I could be at home with the cat.

Does anyone who has done this have any words of advice? Any particular shelters or organisations we should get in touch with? We would love to go into this with our eyes open, and benefit from the wide experience of you cat loving MNetters!

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thecatneuterer · 22/06/2014 13:12

Where in London are you? If you're anywhere except West really then we really need fosterers and you sound ideal. Full info on our website here: //

thecatneuterer · 22/06/2014 13:13
NannyLouise29 · 22/06/2014 13:30

We live in Battersea (right by the Dogs and Cats home as it happens!), but I know that there are less well known charities which are often overlooked by the public.

Thank you for the link thecatneuterer, I will be in touch with CHAT Smile

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