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The litter tray

Anyone feeding Amionda carny?

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Fluffycloudland77 · 20/06/2014 21:42

Would you say that they need less of it because its better quality food?

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 20/06/2014 22:12

I'd be interested to know this as well. Some of the product reviews that I've read seem to suggest it.

RubbishMantra · 21/06/2014 04:48

I do Smile Mkitten eats it as his main food, Mcat eats a tin of Animonda Carny Ocean just as a treat once a day alongside his biscuits. Since I got Mcat onto that & Royal Canin biscuits, I'm surprised how little he does eat, probably half a cup of biscuits as well as his little (80g?) tin. He's a tad on the stout side though. He hardly moults either and is very shiny, I'm sure that's down to good quality food.

When Mkitten arrived, he was pooing a lot due to being previously fed on Felix. Don't know how much he ate before, but he's slowed right down on the pooing. Apparently, the better quality food they eat, the less they eat = less poo. He eats a 200g tin and biscuits a day.

The Animonda does stink a bit though remember the old school Whiskas Supermeat? Bit like that.

Fluffycloudland77 · 21/06/2014 07:15

I suppose if they eat a lot of cereal they can't process it would bulk out their poo.

I'm fed up with Aldi, I had to go to two different branches to buy the pate tins I needed.

I need to buy a selection pack of little 200g tins to see if his furriness likes it.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 21/06/2014 07:23

Reading the product reviews, there were a few that said that their cats were initially a little resistant but came round with a gallop after a short time so maybe persevarance is what you'll need - although the selection packs sound good.

I'm edgy about it for the sole reason that Seniorboy likes to get most of his liquid (and a good few calories, I suspect) from the slurpy gravy/jelly on his current foods. I have a suspicion that he might become under-hydrated through sheer old-age laziness if he was moved to seriously concentrated nosh.

(I have no evidence for this so I grant you that it may be an unreasonable worry.)

redsplodge · 21/06/2014 11:25

I feed my two on it. Hairycat likes it (she is very greedy though, she likes most things), Tinycat is not as keen but she would live on dry food if I let her.

The recommended feeding amounts for Animonda v Felix suggest you can feed them less, but I can't say for certain from my experience as when I switched them over from Felix I also changed their dry food to Applaws and cut their intake as they needed to lose a little weight - so a few too many variables to attribute it to just the change in wet food.

I am sure though that ordering the large cans in bulk from zooplus (via a cash back site for extra savings!) works out cheaper than buying the large boxes of Felix sachets from Ocado.

An added bonus is that Hairycat's litter tray offerings are marginally less stinky and I think she's had less hairballs since the change in food.

cozietoesie · 21/06/2014 11:31

Did you find that they were drinking more, red ?

RubbishMantra · 21/06/2014 16:12

Cozie, you could mix some water in with his wet food to make it a bit sloppier? I've done this with my cats before, if I don't think they're getting enough water.

cozietoesie · 21/06/2014 17:08

I should really just try some I suppose. If he absolutely won't eat it there's always the piglet young cat next door who will be happy to finish it off, I'm sure.

One thing that did attract me is people reviewing it and some saying that their cats poo'd less frequently. That doesn't appeal because of tray use (which doesn't bother me) so much as because pooing is one of the things that Seniorboy finds more difficult given his bad arthritis. He does his duty nobly but if I could make that any easier for him, it might make his life better.

redsplodge · 21/06/2014 18:01

Sorry cosietoesie, I posted and then disappeared off to the school fair and now keep getting distracted by adoption day at The Critter Room!

I haven't noticed a change in drinking habits, but then Hairycat prefers to drink from puddles so I probably wouldn't notice with her and Tinycat, who will drink from her bowl, is out quite a lot in the day so I don't know what she gets up to (except when the neighbours dobbed her in for the attempted theft of a tuna sandwich).

RubbishMantra · 21/06/2014 18:17

One more thing; it is very rich, so probably a good idea to introduce gradually, to avoid squishy poo.

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