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Baldy eyebrows

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valrhona · 20/06/2014 00:24

Hi everyone
Love this board, I've learned so much about cats from you all! Thank you so much.
Just a question about my little black cat. When we got her, she was more brown than black due to malnutrition. (Feral kitten)
Her coat is growing out beautifully and growing more black, but she's a little lacking in the eyebrow department
Will the fur here grow in, or is this how she is? I don't care - love her either way. I'm just curious. She's about 9mos old (maybe)
Pic below of said non-eyebrows

Baldy eyebrows
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RubbishMantra · 20/06/2014 00:47

Is she lacking fur above the eyes, not just the long whiskery eyebrows iyswim? Difficult to tell from the photo, but it kind of looks like complete baldiness above the eyes. Saying that though, most cats are a little sparse in that area (mine has none there, but resembling a part plucked chicken is part of his charm Grin)

If she is supposed to have hair there, it should grow back now she has you to look after her.

MadonnaKebab · 20/06/2014 00:53

She looks like a brown Burmese to me
And they do have an almost bald patch in that area

Fluffycloudland77 · 20/06/2014 08:07

Mines sparse above the eyes too, the Persians weren't so maybe it varies from breed to breed.

Their breeder kept her black cats in because she said sunlight made the coat brown & it was bad if you took them to shows.

valrhona · 20/06/2014 08:27

Will try to get a better picture of her later. She's notoriously difficult to photograph - unlike her fellow cat resident. They are so funny these two. Started out here shivering behind the fridge. 5 or so weeks later they are having cat ascot and galloping up and down the house having a great time. This black cat is very mog, but interestingly she has medium length very silky fur and a tiny little face. Maybe she does have a teeny bit of Burmese in her??? off to google fancy cats Grin

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