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Advocate flea treatment?

8 replies

LoopyLa · 19/06/2014 20:26

Hi all

My 2 rescue kitties need a flea treatment but I've never done it before. Stupid question #1 where can I buy Advocate flea treatment from? Do I need a vets prescription for it? Stupid question #2 how do I apply it?! I know I have to get it into the skin at the base of their heads but are there any tips to make the process easier/quicker and less scratchy?

Thanks all Smile

OP posts:
Nigglenaggle · 19/06/2014 21:44

I think you probably mean advantage which can be bought over the counter (and is currently the best over the counter flea treatment). Advocate also worms and is a POM. Try a pharmacy or the net (or a vets). Kittens need to be over a kilo in weight though, otherwise you'll need to take them to a vet to be treated as nothing that works is over the counter for that weight. Get a friend to help you, with some kitties it is just difficult :D A friend and a large bath towel are your allies!

LoopyLa · 22/06/2014 13:06

Thanks Niggle!

I've checked my RSPCA notes and it definitely says Advocate, perhaps it's a strong one that they use? Confused

So, sort of bumping this:- what other flea treatments would others use? And where can I get them please?

TIA Thanks

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 22/06/2014 13:10

Advocate is definitely one of the best as it also treats/prevents ear mites as well as fleas. It can only be bought from a vet though. Advantage and Stronghold are also good and can be bought from large chemists/online as well as from vets.

thecatneuterer · 22/06/2014 13:11

Forgot to say that Advantage/Stronghold don't treat ear mites though.

LoopyLa · 22/06/2014 14:43

Thanks catneuterer! Really appreciate it Smile

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 22/06/2014 15:05

Edit: Actually I think Stronghold can also only be bought from vets.

itsnothingoriginal · 23/06/2014 20:05

Yes it's definitely Advocate. We get it from the vets as a 3 monthly supply. Applying it is fun Hmm goes on the back of the neck and I sincerely hope your cats are a little less feisty than ours!! It's a two man job these days as she's wise to it now and try get them when they're a bit sleepy so you're in with more of a chance of getting it in the right place!

Nigglenaggle · 23/06/2014 21:14

Also, Stronghold DOES treat ear mites. It's pretty similar to advocate really Grin. Basically, either use advantage for fleaing and drontal for worming, or buy poms from a vet. Anything else over the counter is wasting money Smile

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