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The litter tray

New litter

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MrsExtraOrdinary · 13/06/2014 12:05

Hi, my cat has had her first litter in the last 48 hours, in my sons sliding wardrobe. There's 4 kittens. Yesterday I took food up to her room and she was clearly starving. Got in a panic this morning as she left the kittens, 2 floors away to find more food. I gave it to her. I think she likes her old routine. She then went back to her kits. She's trundled down again, Hungary I think. I am feeding her upstairs. I'm not sure whether to shut her in my sons bedroom where she gave birth or to let her wander more freely. The kittens are doing really well so far so good.

She's Bengal if that makes any difference.

OP posts:
MrsExtraOrdinary · 13/06/2014 12:07

There's also a couple of spots of fresh blood on the towel she's been laying on that weren't there this morning. Just trying to help but don't want to interfere with her bonding.

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MrsExtraOrdinary · 13/06/2014 12:26

Would be grateful for some helpful input?

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cozietoesie · 13/06/2014 14:03

If it's just some light spotting and she only gave birth within the last 48 hours, I wouldn't be too concerned - it's not unusual to have a little very light bleeding for a shortish time what with everything inside adjusting and clearing itself. Any heavy bleeding and down to the vet immediately.

Personally, I'd let her wander around if she wants to (and if the house is contained so that she can't get out) but I'd be giving her oodles of good quality food (eg kitten food) upstairs so that she doesn't need to go downstairs if she doesn't want to. Is her tray upstairs also?

Have you contacted the vet about her yet? It's not impossible that she'll be coming into heat again soon and getting her spayed as soon as possible after weaning (and getting a vet check of her and the kits) is likely no bad thing.

MrsExtraOrdinary · 13/06/2014 16:04

Thanks cozie. Yes I put a litter tray upstairs but she hasn't used it at all. As far as i can tell she's only used the downstairs tray once. But maybe she popped down for that earlier too. Will leave the door open for her then so she can come and go. The bleeding was only spots, so will just keep an eye then.

I spoke to the vet pre birth about spay and I have to wait until the kittens have left mum, so at least 8 weeks. I will take them all for a check up, in a couple of weeks just didn't want to disturb the bonding thing. I phoned the vet yesterday and they went very helpful.

Do you think it's ok to change the towel she's on that she have birth too? I was tempted earlier when she popped downstairs bug didn't want the kittens to smell wrong when she got back to them.

She's loving her hi-life kitten food and has find most pg. another kind mner recommended that and it's been really good.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 13/06/2014 16:26

I'd change it directly. You have a good relationship with her it sounds and if the kits are fine then she's likely bonded OK and is looking after them. Have you handled them at all?

I wouldn't worry too much about her wandering although I'm rather assuming that you have a quiet household so that she'll be left alone and not bothered by other cats/dogs/animals? The main thing is safety and containment so that not only can she not get outside to party if she feels like it but the kits can't escape either. (There will come a point where the door will have to be kept closed to make sure you don't have kitten escapees.) You may actually find that she likes/feels safer with the door closed so be alert to that.

You always run the risk of her deciding to move her kits somewhere but if she actually chose the wardrobe, it's probably 'her place' - and if she's not disturbed there, it should work fine.

MrsExtraOrdinary · 14/06/2014 13:40

Thanks cozie, towel was changed without any problems at all. She's doing really well. No it's not a quiet house at all. I have a very large family and it's quite noisy, but she's so laid back she's cleverly found her bit of quiet upstairs.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 14/06/2014 13:56

Ah - maybe consider keeping the door closed more then. She'd likely enjoy the safety. (Difficult though it is to keep family - especially DCs - away from new kittens.)

Let us know how they all get on at the checkup?

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