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why does my cat go on hunger strike while I'm away?

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mrsnec · 09/06/2014 08:03

Our cat adopted us when she was a stray.

We've had her 3 years and she was 10 weeks when she came to us.

She is incredibly affectionate with us but it takes her ages to be comfortable with anyone else.

We don't have long holidays and have never put her in a cattery but we have a few weekends away a year and get someone in to feed her.

Even if it's someone she's familiar with she won't touch her food while we're gone despite us leaving her favourite. On occasion she goes on the rampage too and we come back to carcasses everywhere.decapitated bird in the bath, mice in my shoes etc.

She was so happy to see us when we got back yesterday and I had to sit with her while she ate. It's such bizarre behaviour can anyone explain it? Is there anything else I can do so I feel relaxed about leaving her?

I've got to the point where I feel I can't leave her she'd never forgive us for putting her in a cattery. My mum has offered to catsit so we can have holidays but she doesn't even live in the same country so that's a bit ridiculous but a very generous offer!

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 09/06/2014 08:47

My Siamese are/have been the same - they're not happy without me and will generally sink into a despond/go off their food if I'm not around. On half a dozen past occasions I have, in fact, taken them on holiday/trips with me (to the UK) including one touring holiday. Not something I would recommend to everybody but it worked for us because they are/were so bonded that they basically didn't really care where they were as long as I was there.

I gave up holidays when Seniorboy started to become most elderly. (A night away is about the most I can manage before he becomes seriously upset.) I'm not sure I would know what to do with myself on holiday these days - although there's no hardship in not having to fight airport queues any more.


mrsnec · 09/06/2014 09:24

Thanks Cosie, I hadn't actually considered going away in the same country and taking her with us. In theory it's a good idea but it takes 2 of us to take her on the 20 minute drive to the vet because she cries all the way! I'd also worry she would run off.

She's a strange creature. She is an outdoor cat but rarely leaves our boundary as it were. When we come in from anywhere she's always around which is why we have never tried a cattery as I sometimes think she's attached to our house as much as she is to us if that makes sense.she spends her days just on patrol around the garden walls!

It was only a short hop for our weekend away this time with a 40 minute flight but the airports were crowded and security was very ott so I agree there's a lot to be said for a staycation.

OP posts:
misscph1973 · 09/06/2014 09:39

My cat always did that, it's not uncommon. Don't worry about it, there is nothing you can do about it anyway ;)

mrsnec · 11/06/2014 08:52

So if I do leave her in future should I still get someone in to feed her just in case she wants it? We do leave plenty of dry food and water but get someone in to give her wet food. If it's just a night are we ok to just leave the dry food?

OP posts:
misscph1973 · 11/06/2014 09:41

I never got anyone to come and feed my cat, even for a week, as there was no point, I just left a massive bowl of dry food. She would "punish" me by not turning up when we returned, and when she did turn up after a week, the reunion was very emotional ;) TBH I would be more worried about some "good samaritan" reporting you to the RSPCA for leaving your cat alone than I would be worried about your cat's wellbeing.

But if you are only away for a night, then I would absolutely just leave her with a bowl of dry food.

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