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The litter tray

Bloody hell - just seen these ads on Pets4homes

15 replies

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile · 07/06/2014 22:27

Look at the prices Hmm

This is a kitten factory, yes? (all the same phone number)


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Blackburn, Lancashire (17.6 Miles from Lancashire)
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British Shorthair And Variant Kittens
Blackburn, Lancashire (17.6 Miles from Lancashire)
£0 (actually £350-£375 in the text)
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Snow Spotted Bengal Boy
Blackburn, Lancashire (17.6 Miles from Lancashire)
Im reluctantly having to rehome my stunningly gorgeous blue eyed snow spotted full tom as he is just to much for my busy home and other pets. He was my first bengal and I just dont have the time he needs :-( Please only enquire if you know h....

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Blackburn, Lancashire (17.6 Miles from Lancashire)
I have from my black tortie girl and cinnamon boy a stunning solid blue girl. Only one in the litter so already a very chunky baby. Curious and full of mischief as she should be now but also affectionate and calm as the breed should be :-) Wi....

OP posts:
KatyMac · 08/06/2014 15:16

How do you tell?

RubbishMantra · 08/06/2014 17:27

At a guess, I'd think that the array of breeds on offer. Breeders who do it for love of the breed will usually only keep one, or at a push, two breeds of cat.

*Apologies for over-use of the word breed Smile

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile · 08/06/2014 17:48

Well she currently has 2 toms - the cinnamon BSH, & the snow spotted Bengal which is also for sale now. (I notice the Bengal cross kittens have a lower sale price than the BSH ones Hmm)

Then queens:

One ragdoll
One Selkirk (?)
One 'black tortie' (BSH?)
One other BSH

& 12 kittens, from 4 litters, all of similar age.

They are pictured apparently in a house but that's not clear.

Sounds like quite a lucrative business.

OP posts:
KatyMac · 08/06/2014 18:26

I only ask because want a siamese/oriental & I don't want to be a part of/contribute to that sort of breeding

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile · 08/06/2014 20:42

You need to look for a proper registered breeder - or, if you don't particularly need a kitten, look for an Oriental rescue/rehoming place Smile

OP posts:
KatyMac · 08/06/2014 20:44

I have been; I'd prefer to re-home

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile · 08/06/2014 20:57

I did see a Siamese on the website of a non-breed-specific rescue recently. They are specific to location though so I can imagine it'll take a while

Good luck Smile

OP posts:
KatyMac · 08/06/2014 20:59

yes & we are in Norfolk which is miles from anywhere.....

Fluffycloudland77 · 08/06/2014 21:25

katy some breeders will have adults available who have been returned through no fault of their own.

There is likely to be some sort of rescue centre near you with them, even if it isn't breed specific.

KatyMac · 08/06/2014 21:35

I'll keep looking

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile · 08/06/2014 21:38

Have you registered \link{\here,} Katy?

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 08/06/2014 21:43

This one operates in Norfolk.

KatyMac · 08/06/2014 21:47

I doubt they'd have me because I run a nursery from home

I've had 4 Siamese/oriental tho'

3 while I had while I had the nursery & they loved the children

CookieRobot · 08/06/2014 21:48

I breed bsh cats (well I have one queen who I absolutely adore) and I would never use pets4homes.

I use pet forums and there are some fantastic and very knowledgable Siamese/oriental breeders who can point you in the right direction.

KatyMac · 08/06/2014 21:48

I keep popping in there Fluffy, but they have 2 much older cats atm & I couldn't afford to insure them Sad

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