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Cat got liquid laundry detergent on his leg

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MrsWinnibago · 24/05/2014 20:50

Yesterday my Siamese did one of his clumsy jumps off the kitchen countertop and knocked a bottle of liquid detergent off. The lid wasn't on tight and some spilled on his leg.

I washed it off as well as I could. He only licked it once before I caught him.

Today his leg looks scraggly still and when I stroked it before he meowed as if it was uncomfortable. So I just dipped his whole leg in a sink of warm water and washed it gently...then he let me towel dry it and brush it very gently but there's an area near his ankle that seems sensitive. :( He is eating, drinking normally and being himself apart from acting like his leg hurts or is uncomfy in that area. He's just cleaning his toes on that leg at the it ok? Is it making his skin sore because I didn't get it all off first time? What shall I do? I think it's all off now after his dip.

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 24/05/2014 20:56

It's supposed to be pretty strong/corrosive stuff. I'd keep an eye and keep him in if you can.

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