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Blooming BoyCat has not come home this morning and we have to leave or the vet in about 25 minutes!

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Itsfab · 21/05/2014 09:57

GirlCat is here so I will still go and call on route to say only need half the appointment but why has he picked today to go AWOL! I am fairly sure he didn't hear the v e t word last night Grin.

One day he didn't come in for breakfast and strolled in at 5.25pm!! He is a monkey.

If anyone sees him, please sent him home Grin

Blooming BoyCat has not come home this morning and we have to leave or the vet in about 25 minutes!
OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 21/05/2014 10:02

Oi! Boycat stop having fun and go home immediately.

I have rescued SparklingCat off the garage roof twice already this morning. Must be the day for cat shenanigans. Angry

Morebounceperounce · 21/05/2014 10:07

BounceCat occasionally pulls this stunt but prefers just before we go on holiday for maximum effect. He was nearly gloves that time.

cozietoesie · 21/05/2014 10:08

'rescued' ?

I rather had the impression that it was a little game she played. Wink

Itsfab · 21/05/2014 10:11

He's home!!!!!

I went upstairs and as soon as I opened DD's window he miaowed at me. He has had a small feed as don't want him sick in the car and I have both cats in the lounge with me. I am leaving getting their carry case until the last minute as I know they might run off. GirlCat usually just gets in it but it has been 10 months since she was in it.

BoyCat is being mean to GirlCat now. There has been growling and hissing.

Can anyone tell me they fight? Both done. Have lived together 50 weeks with me and I think were found together and had 3 weeks at the RSPCA together. More him picking on her but she will whack him for no good reason too.

< GirlCat - she is 2, BoyCat is 2.5ish.

Blooming BoyCat has not come home this morning and we have to leave or the vet in about 25 minutes!
OP posts:
Itsfab · 21/05/2014 10:15

Did you have to climb on the roof, Sparkling? Shock.

Mine are off to the in-laws the day before we go on holiday so I can know they are settled before we go. Dreading it. They have never been to their house and I am worried they will think we are getting rid of them. The first time they went to the vet 2 months after we brought them home BoyCat sighed a huge sigh of relief that he was back home and not given up again.

Still so angry that they were abandoned. No need for it when there are places that can help

Wish me luck, off to get them ready to go now. Eek.

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 21/05/2014 11:20

Good luck.!!

Oh yes Cozie we played the 'chair lift' game. Twice! All before 7.45am. Hmm

I basically hold a patio chair above my head by the feet, while SC jumps onto the seat part and I lower her down. her very own cat lift. Hmm
She knows she can't get down from the garage roof and yet she still jumps out of the bathroom window given a chance.

DH says she is taking the p*ss and can easily get down.

TheWomanTheyCallJayne · 21/05/2014 11:23

I suspect your dh is right
Though she would much rather she got lifted down by her personal slave of course

cozietoesie · 21/05/2014 11:28

Of course she'll be able to get down - but that's not the point to her!


Sparklingbrook · 21/05/2014 11:30

Angry Nooo!! Grin

The minute she drops onto the roof from the bathroom window the pitiful meowing begins-really loud too. What on earth is she thinking? Twice in half an hour.

cozietoesie · 21/05/2014 11:40

She's playing you for a mug, Sparkling, pitiful meowing and all. Why not leave her up there for a morning to teach her a lesson?

(Oh - and do tell whether she does it if DH is alone in the house?)

Sparklingbrook · 21/05/2014 11:42

I don't think she has cozie, but then DH never opens the bathroom window. Hmm

It gives the neighbours a giggle. i bet they call me 'cat chair woman at number xx'. Sad

FreckledLeopard · 21/05/2014 11:46

One of our cats does that too. Except he goes onto the roof of the house (it's a long way up!) Last time DD had to stand on a chair, stick cat food out the Velux and then wrestle him through the window when he appeared. Only problem was, she grabbed him awkwardly, he fell through the skylight and landed in a bucket of cold water left there by the plasterer (we had builders in).

Cat was NOT happy and leaped out of bucket and straight out of the side window (though not roof height at least). It was hilarious!

Itsfab · 21/05/2014 11:47

What she is thinking is how much fun can I have with my slave thinking I can't get down Grin.

Home from the vet. All doing well. BoyCat cried all the way there, some of the time while there and all the way back. He has now rejected my conciliatory treats and ran away when I went to check on him Sad.

In other news, there is a tiny baby bird on the patio, inches from the door. He is shivering and when he did move sort of fell sideways before righting himself. Have put down breadcrumbs and bird seed and numerous notes around the house telling everyone not to let the cats out. What can I do? A mum sized bird and baby was killed this week Sad but he has survived without her if she was mum for at least 2 days. I know ringing the RSPB is pointless as they will say to leave him as per their answer phone but I can't do nothing. I also have no litter left as the cats go in the garden but if I let them out they will kill him Sad.

OP posts:
Itsfab · 21/05/2014 13:25

The baby bird has gone. I hope he has found his mum and is safe somewhere.

OP posts:
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