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Does anyone else's cat absolutely hate their DH? Is there anything that can be done about it?

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Flexibilityiskey · 16/05/2014 14:41

That's it really. My cat hates DH with a passion, and I have no idea why. He will sit on my lap purring, and if DH so much as twitches a leg, the cat is off. I don't think he is scared of him, as when DH feeds him he will purr, and rub against his legs. He will also let DH stroke him if he is laying in his basket. Any other time if DH comes near him he runs away, puts his ears back, and glares at him.

I feel quite sorry for DH. He is not some evil cat torturer, so I am wondering if anyone else has had this, and if there is any way to persuade the cat to like him. He already does most of the feeding, which has made no difference.

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msrisotto · 16/05/2014 21:08

Get your DH to feed the cat every time, get him to play with the cat with a fishing rod type toy. That should do it.

sashh · 18/05/2014 18:45


I have yet to meet a cat who doesn't like ham.

Or you could always LTB (obviously not serious on that one.)

Lanabelle · 18/05/2014 18:50

Yep, my lil hates DH. he has his fav cat (who is fine with me) and I have lil the mafia cat who also terrorises the dogs and children and everything else apart from me. She doesn't do playing with fishing rod things and doesn't like human food much either, she will go to him if she has to but apart from that then no and he has never harmed her either.

Lonecatwithkitten · 18/05/2014 21:04

My tail less wonder hates my ExH so I kept the cat and got rid of the man. She is a cat of excellent taste.

FairPhyllis · 20/05/2014 11:59

I've known a couple of cats that have really hated men - all rescues who had probably been mistreated by men in the past. Could that be it?

Flexibilityiskey · 20/05/2014 13:05

Thanks for the suggestions. He is not really a playful cat, far too snooty to lower himself to that! I will get DH to try bribing him with ham though.

It could be that FairPhyllis. He was semi feral when he came to us, and spent the first couple of weeks hiding from us, and absolutely terrified. Over the last few years he has got more and more domesticated, and enjoys spending time in the house more. His past is a fairly unknown quantity, so it may be that he has had a bad experience with men at some point.

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