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The litter tray

So I bought my cat a hunting toy...

4 replies

IFoughtTheLaw · 15/05/2014 23:43

Things did not go to plan!

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 15/05/2014 23:51

Well that was inevitable - and he was so gleeful with it!

You'll need ti find some way to anchor it.

IFoughtTheLaw · 15/05/2014 23:53

That is Benjamin btw, I have name changed Grin

Yes.... How to anchor?

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 15/05/2014 23:59

To save your floors - a large piece of flat wood/chip/plywood at a pinch, drill three holes in the toy base and short bolts with nuts on the top and on the underside of the wood - the big spread should stablilize it and if the underside bolts are only just proud (they can be sawn off pretty flush and put on top of carpet.

How handy are you?

cozietoesie · 16/05/2014 00:01

Of course - if your floors are capable of being sacrificed, it's just some screws. Smile

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