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Lump in abdomen

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readmylips1 · 06/05/2014 17:41

We have a 17 year cat who has lost 20% of her body weight in 3 weeks, maybe even less as she was at the vets 10 days ago for unrelated problem and she was fine. Took her to vets again today as she was unsteady on her back legs. Passing bloody stools as well. Vet felt large lump in her pelvis. She is going back for tests in 2 days - an ultrasound and bloods.

Now going on symptoms, I think we have to be prepared that it is malignant, maybe lymphoma. DH and i have talked about this and would choose not to treat unless strongly advised otherwise by vet.

Just wondering if anyone has had similar problem in their cat. Do you think we would be expected to PTS on same day. Horrible questions, I know but I like to be prepared.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 06/05/2014 18:39

No - never had one with the same symptoms but it doesn't look too good, does it? They can go downhill real quickly in these cases - even if they're younger than your girl.

The bloods would probably take at least a few hours to come through at least though? (Depending on which ones were done and if they could do them in-house.) I think you'd have some time if it was needed. Some.

I'm so sorry. How long have you had her?

readmylips1 · 06/05/2014 19:38

We have had her for 15 years, Cozie. We got her from a rescue after she was found pregnant wandering streets. Her kittens were adopted quickly but not her. She has had a great life but it still breaks my heart. Our other two cats are 14 and 15 years old so haven't done too bad with them.

Thank you for your reply :)

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 06/05/2014 19:41

Well people will be around here if you need to talk in a couple of days.

All the best.

MNPinto2014 · 06/05/2014 19:51

Ours stayed at home until she was uncomfortable and then i held her as the did the injection and bought her home afterwards, hers was on her leg and she was 13.

2kidsintow · 06/05/2014 20:57

We are in the same position with our old man, Bruce. He's already on meds for thyroid, dipped to be quite poorly one weekend and when we took him to the vets we were told he had a lump in his abdomen.

We were offered, but declined the ultrasound. It would distress him. The vet didn't sound hopeful that it wouldn't be malignant either. And we wouldn't choose to put him through chemo at his age, especially as chemo on cats doesn't cure the problem, just slow it down. It didn't seem sensible to spend some over £400 on a scan in those circumstances.

Instead, the vet gave the cat a vitamin b shot and some steroids . Currently he's a completely different cat, full of energy and happy . But we know he's probably got just a few 2 weks left. So he's having lots of treats and cuddles while he's still seemingly happy and well.

readmylips1 · 06/05/2014 22:00

2kids, was it really £400 for a ultrasound scan. I read they tend to only cost up to £60

OP posts:
2kidsintow · 06/05/2014 22:05

The vet estimated about £400 as it would need doing by a specialist. I suppose if your vet already has the equipment and the qualifications(or whatever) then it might be cheaper.

readmylips1 · 06/05/2014 22:06

I am starting to wonder if we should go ahead with it. If she deteriorates further by Thurs, I might question if it is necessary. I mean 20% in two weeks is major weight loss and it is obvious lump is pressing on somewhere and affecting her walk.

OP posts:
readmylips1 · 06/05/2014 22:08

He has machine and he is doing it, but I am now thinking of whether it is worth it from the cat's POV.

OP posts:
timtam23 · 06/05/2014 23:08

Sorry to hear this. I suppose the decision about the scan depends on whether the result will significantly change the management plan. I have to say at that age I would not be putting the cat through very much - there is a lot to be said for a steroid injection to perk them up a bit for a short time, and loads of tasty treats in the time that they have left.

I have a frail blind old cat who is nearly 18 and has already had a thyroid op, now has high blood pressure and his teeth/gums are in a really awful state - we have decided to just nurse him along and keep him comfy with BP medication, antibiotics, steroids & similar but no scans or blood tests as we would not be going for any invasive or aggressive treatment with him - once he goes downhill & it can't be salvaged easily, we will have to have him put to sleep - it will break my heart when he goes as I have had him from 3 months old when he was stray - but there is only so much that can be done at his age & it doesn't seem fair to put him through lots of tests at the vets.

Best wishes for your decision-making as it is so hard to watch a cat fade away bfore your eyes

readmylips1 · 07/05/2014 17:08

Thank you for lovely replies. Spoke to vet, they are going to sedate her to examine closely as she is the most cooperative type moggy. If they feel there is no hope they will PTS :(

She has gone downhill since my first post and cannot walk well. I know it is her time to go and I am devastated but am not going to let her suffer

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 07/05/2014 17:14

I think that's the right course in all the circumstances. I'm so sorry, read. I hope you're coping?

readmylips1 · 07/05/2014 17:19

I am doing ok in the circumstances :( She will be a miss but I look back at the positive times. Think our springer spaniel will miss her loads. They are so close.

OP posts:
timtam23 · 07/05/2014 20:40

Really sorry to hear she's worse but it sounds like you've made the right decision. Take care of yourself Thanks

readmylips1 · 08/05/2014 13:09

Went in this morning with her. Vet agreed with our decision not to do any tests and she is gone :(

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 08/05/2014 13:11

I'm very sorry, read. The right decision, I think, but still so hard. Sad

2kidsintow · 08/05/2014 19:53

Sorry to hear that. Thanks

MNPinto2014 · 08/05/2014 20:15

Sorry Read.

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