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Im not feeling very confident with the Kittens now

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Sonumb · 03/05/2014 19:51

Since yesterday when one of my 5 week old kittens died I have done nothing but watch them to ensure they are ok Blush

I have had other litters before both sets survived and were very healthy and boisterous .

The 3 remaining ones I have seem terribly small for their age (6 weeks on Tuesday) I have tried introducing them to food but they only sit in it & its the same with water Hmm
They only opened their eyes 12 days ago which I know is late & they sleep for about 90% of the day .
I'm just at a loss as losing the kitten has completely thrown me and I can't remember what I'm supposed to do Blush Sad

Can anybody advise me ?

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isseywithcats · 03/05/2014 21:31

to get them to try food mush it up and put it on the end of your finger and see if they will lick it from there this will give them a taste for it, and only put tiny amounts in the saucer but more frequently (as they eat it top up with a bit more) a bit worried that 5 week old kittens are asleep for so long in the day, i would take them back to the vets and voice your concerns, is the mom cat there if she is they are probably still feeding from her a lot so dont need to much solid food if mom isnt there you could mash the food up very fine and syringe feed as a supplement

Sonumb · 03/05/2014 21:41

Yes still have mum cat Thankfully , I foster pregnant cats so should be used to this but I feel so clueless Sad
I'll definitely take them to the vets first thing Tuesday

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Spinaroo · 03/05/2014 21:46

I saw your other thread yesterday and really feel for you Sad- of course you will be very anxious. I know absolutely nothing about cats but is there any chance they could have been premature?

isseywithcats · 03/05/2014 22:17

so glad to hear mom is there phew i think you have probably just got a not very strong litter, was mom a stray before she came to you as if she didnt get looked after properly when she was pregnant it could affect the kittens, the vet may be able to give you a supplement to build the kittens up, ive been lucky the kittens ive fostered have all been bouncing beans and little hooligans but i know even some of our most experienced fosterers have lost kittens for no apparent reason, hopefully all will be well, if they areb being fostered for a rescue get in touch with them and see what they suggest

Sonumb · 03/05/2014 22:46

Its more a private foster situation (it was either take the mum in or she would of been abandonedSad ) I made sure she was very well fed while pregnant & also now as well .
I'll mention a supplement to the vet on Tuesday Smile.

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Mylittlepotofjoy · 04/05/2014 09:35

You might need to worm the mum and kittens . A worm overload can cause death in young kittens :(

sashh · 04/05/2014 09:45

On the critter cam the foster dad John fed one of the kittens human baby food which he then mixed with the cat food. Obviously check with the vet but it might be an idea.

Sonumb · 04/05/2014 10:16

Mum was wormed two weeks ago

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