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The litter tray

I think I broke the cat volume button

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goodasitgets · 28/04/2014 15:44

I mean he's always noisy but he's making some weird noises at the moment GrinGrinGrin
Link to video (press play button)

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Fluffycloudland77 · 28/04/2014 16:52

If you find a mute button let me know.

SecretNutellaFix · 28/04/2014 16:58

That is not that loud.

My boy is currently purring loudly sat next to me. I go to the loo and he's there shouting encouragement.

An hour before their dinner time I can hear him start shouting in the kitchen if I am upstairs.

As soon as he jumps on the bed he starts purring and drooling even though he isn't allowed on the bed.

goodasitgets · 28/04/2014 17:33

Sometimes the mute button is under the chin if you stroke it. But that can also be the claw button so I have to tread carefully Grin

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