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House cat to outdoor cat?

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Doodlekitty · 19/04/2014 19:24


I have 2 lovely moggies that I rescued as kittens, they are now 6. They have always been housecats but as I now have a toddler running round it seems that its going to be very hard to keep them in. So rather than live in a state of panic I have decided, I think, to embrace it and let them out.

They are both spayed and have usual injections. No microchip but will sort that before we do it. They will also need new collars.

Im hoping that as they are older and done they will not wander too far. Am I kidding myself? Any tips?

OP posts:
EddieVeddersfoxymop · 19/04/2014 19:35

We did the same about 7 years ago, when my moggies were 7/6. Don't laugh, but we put leads on their collars the first few times we let them out, and went with them. We also made sure they were hungry! They were fine.....but my nerves were frayed and still are every time they disappear out of sight, even now they've been outside for about 7 years. Mine are ancient now though, 14/13 and they can't be bothered to leave our garden.

Fluffycloudland77 · 19/04/2014 20:47

My childhood cats started out as house cats but it made them miserable so we let them out. It was ok.

I'd get the snap release collars, ours come from poundland & I write our address on the outside.

The microchip is a must, you're right to do that first.

deckthehalls1188 · 19/04/2014 21:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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