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any recommendations for what sort of cat to get?

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dolphinsandwhales · 18/04/2014 08:40

Hello. Some of you may have read my posts about my elderly frail cat who deteriorated over the past year and very sadly had to be put to sleep yesterday.

I'm still grieving so not ready to get a new cat, but would like to in time. I would value any thoughts on what sort of cat to get. I'd definitely like to get one from a sanctuary as I know they're all full.

My remaining cat is a fairly old black cat (maybe 13yo but he's from cats protection so age unknown). he's a very nervous boy and was best friends with the cat who died. He is prone to getting bullied by other cats due to his shy demeanour.

I wondered if another shy adult male may fit in? Or would I need a kitten so as not to challenge my cats position in the house? I know the cats protection are bursting at the seams with every age and type of cat and I'd like to give one a home.

OP posts:
CMOTDibbler · 18/04/2014 08:48

I think another shy/quiet adult would work. A kitten might just be too much for him at that age.
The Cats Protection ladies have always been very helpful in advising which cat might work for us, and did say we could always return if it really didn't work out. Evilgingercat did nearly go back for harassing cat1 all the time, but it calmed down eventually

Sparklingbrook · 18/04/2014 08:59

I would have a look on the CP website. Then ring them and explain the situation, then as CMOT says they will have a good idea of what cat will work best in your situation.

My one year old little black cat died suddenly and I swore I was too broken hearted to do it again. The CP suggested to just go and look at a big grey family friendly female who had just been abandoned at the vets.

We have had her for 4 years now, I adore her. Smile

dolphinsandwhales · 18/04/2014 09:01

Thanks. I think another quiet nervous one would be good too, as hopefully not too threatening for existing cat and he's unlikely to threaten them (though he may hiss on meeting as I don't think any cat liked their home invaded...).

I think a neutered male may work best as I think females are higher up the pecking order and more likelyto bully him?

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 18/04/2014 13:15

I don't think that there's much to choose between neutered males and females. It's the personality of the cat that makes the difference.

I agree that a fairly timid adult cat would be best. And obviously one that likes other cats. The rescue should be able to advise on which of their cats they think would be a good fit. And considering that shy/timid cats are the most difficult to rehome (more difficult even than old/ill or ugly ones), you will be doing a really good thing by offering one a home.

TheWorldAccordingToJC · 18/04/2014 13:18

I think a kitten would be fine. 13 for a cat is not the same as 13 for a dog. My 11 year old cat was still very sprightly and a great hunter ( before she just vanished a year ago ) so I wouldn't let the age of your existing cat put you off a kitten unless he's doddery

Fluffycloudland77 · 18/04/2014 20:35

I'd go for a timid adult rescue, you wouldn't want a big bully like my cat coming to live with you.

I read an article saying shy cats get overlooked in rescues but just need a home to blossom in.

dolphinsandwhales · 18/04/2014 22:18

Thanks all. I have my nervous rescue cat snuggled next to me on the sofa :) it's so sad when a pet dies :( you rack your mind with what ifs and question whether you should have done blood tests etc to try to prolong their life even though they are elderly and probably have several things wrong.

For the new cat in future, I notice a lot of rescues don't like young children, I'm fact on the local cats protection website there are no cats suitable for those with young children(!!) perhaps I'll need to speak to them as I have a toddler.

OP posts:
timtam23 · 18/04/2014 22:19

I took in a tiny stray kitten last year, at the time we also had an 18 year old female cat (the boss) and a 17 year old male cat (timid). The female died a few weeks later (unrelated to the kitten's arrival) but we still have the old boy cat. I would not have actively sought out a kitten to be honest, the old boy has had to put up with a lot of very excitable kitten behaviour, ambushes, fights etc (peaking between 12-20 weeks old after which the kitten was neutered and has since calmed down a bit although still jumps the old boy once or twice a day)

They do sit together and I think are comfortable in each other's company but old boy would have had a more relaxing life without the kitten around!

Old boy's almost lost his eyesight so might have reacted differently if fully sighted, but I think the constant playfighting would have been just as trying for him in whatever situation - he just wants to potter, sleep & eat!

Had we not had the kitten & wanted to get another cat after the old girl had died, we'd probably have gone for another older male cat I think

Meow75 · 18/04/2014 22:24

My kitten became the bully to our timid black cat. Tonight is the first time she's come home since Tuesday. I saw her on the shed roof yesterday, which calmed me a little, but the other one was on the patio freaking her out. I don't think it helps that next door has an entire male - at least our boy has been snipped!!!

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