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Tick Prevention Advice Desperately Required... Purleeeease!

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JayElleGee · 15/04/2014 07:06

We've recently moved to the countryside - love, love, LOVE it except the cat keeps bringing ticks home. I have a bit of a 'blood sucking parasite' phobia at the best of times but these ugly *** really make me shudder, my stomach turn, skin crawl... You get my drift. The vet has suggested a tick control collar (at £30 a pop). Am not adverse to spending money (well, maybe a tiny bit) but the cat has never managed to keep a collar for longer than 24 hrs. Spot ons have let us down in the past (flea infestation, not something I would wish on my worst enemy) but would consider revisiting if it was the best solution. All advice welcome please - before my relationship with the cat breaks down forever. Just don't want to cuddle him at the moment.

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cozietoesie · 15/04/2014 08:33

They're vile, aren't they? I've been lucky in not encountering them on the outside-going cats but dogs have surely brought back their share so I've dealt with them on an animal before.

There's a split new spot-on product on the block called 'Broadline' (about a week or two old I think) which does all worms, fleas and ticks - the Golden Bullet in fact - which we were lucky enough to hear about on this board because we have a very forward thinking vet who posts here and was up to speed on it. Supposed to be very effective indeed.

Your boy might be a candidate if he won't wear a collar ?

When is he next due parasite control treatment?

Lonecatwithkitten · 15/04/2014 08:48

As cozie mention 'Broadline' is the new product other than that the Seresto collar is very effective I have used them for the last three years without any problems on my crew.

cozietoesie · 15/04/2014 09:04

Is Broadline widely known about yet, Lone? I was tempted to get some for Seniorboy (who is due some parasite control about now) but was facing up to talking to my own practice about it and getting the 'Whhuuuuh?' from them.

Lonecatwithkitten · 15/04/2014 09:34

Well it had the biggest launch I've seen in over 10 years, there have been massive ads in the Veterinary times for the last 3 weeks so it would be hard not to notice.

cozietoesie · 15/04/2014 09:37

Oh Good.

I'll aim to speak to She Who Must Be Obeyed the Chief Practice Nurse and tell her it's for Seniorboy who is her particular favourite. That should do it.


JayElleGee · 15/04/2014 10:23

Brilliant... And thank you! Ironically the dog (as far as I can tell) is still to get one (surely only a matter of time). I shall approach my vets armed with the relevant information and plead my case. So looking forward to kitty cuddles again now.

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