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Cat food...again!!

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itsnothingoriginal · 14/04/2014 16:42

Sorry I know there are lots of threads about cat food etc but my cat has been ill and has been turning her nose up at her food and even before that has become extremely fussy. I'm just worried I'm changing her food too often in a vain attempt to get her to eat! She's completely off wet food altogether although managed a bit of chicken yesterday and I normally give her a bit of both wet and dry during the day.

For dry we tried Royal Canin and Arden Grange but she went off them both, Lilys Kitchen kibble which she quite likes but I can't get it anywhere and now James Wellbeloved which has gone down ok so far

Anyone else with a fussy cat? Do you just keep trying different ones or persevere even if they give you that 'how dare you even try that stuff on me again' kind of look?!

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 14/04/2014 17:00

I vary the flavours - never the same one twice apart from the chicken flavour Co-op Gourmet food at teatime which is a firm favourite - amazingly, because he's a fussy blighter but has to take his meds. It's difficult when they're not in the best of health or elderly because you can't be as firm as they really need.

How old is she?

HolidayCriminal · 14/04/2014 17:23

Is she underweight, OP?

itsnothingoriginal · 14/04/2014 19:06

She's just turned 1 yr and the vet said she'd lost weight since her last visit but not that she was underweight. She feels rather scrawny to me compared to a few months ago.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 14/04/2014 19:14

You said she'd been ill. What was up with her?

guineapig1 · 14/04/2014 19:22

We have two cats, one is a complete dustbin and will eat anything, the other is a complete fusspot. Said fusspot will only eat james wellbeloved's fish flavour biscuits. Turns her nose up at anything else at all including other flavours of jwb and also titbits/leftovers of fish/ chicken / steak. I try not to stress about it, figure she will eat if hungry. If yours is eating the jwb ok, I wouldn't worry too much. I understand you concern though, trying to coax a reluctant pet to eat can be nightmare. If has been ill, maybe speak to the vet? The only other food our fusspot will eat is cheese, which helps with worming and antibiotics etc but is off course not a long term solution

Fluffycloudland77 · 14/04/2014 19:28

Try a small dish of cooked chicken livers, my old cats went barmy for them but this one acts like its a dish of poison. You can buy them in the frozen aisle in the supermarket.

Poundworld do the little tins of gourmet pate for 3 for £1.

itsnothingoriginal · 14/04/2014 20:13

Thanks all - she had an infection cozie (other thread) but she's definitely been fussy and off her food for a while. Yes, the James Wellbeloved does seem to suit her ok so far and I will also try the chicken livers too.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 14/04/2014 20:27

Sorry - of course. (Brain fade here.) It's not been real long though, its. Try to tempt her with lots of flavours and also try to keep it fresh - so small amounts fairly frequently if you can do that within your schedule. (Wet cat food freezes well by the way so that doesn't necessarily mean too much expensive wastage if you have a freezer. They hate crusty dried up food.)

It's a difficult one because, as I mentioned above, you can't be as tough with them when they're not well. (If I had a strapping healthy young cat, I'd aim to hold out until they were hungry.) I'd see how it goes for a few days yet.

Is she due to go back to the vet in the near future?

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