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cat asleep in the bath

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superbagpuss · 13/04/2014 18:43

I know its been hot today and he's a black cat but I didn't really expect him to sleep in the bath
he's 5 and IRS the first time he's done I
looked really grumpy when I went for a wee and watched me the whole time Blush

anyone else had this?

OP posts:
littleblackno · 13/04/2014 18:51

My kittens watch me in the shower then as soon as I get out they get in and lie in the water.
did your bath have water in it?

superbagpuss · 13/04/2014 18:54

no, completely dry

OP posts:
patienceisvirtuous · 13/04/2014 18:58

My cat lies in the bath all the time. She also joins us whenever one of us goes to the loo.

LastingLight · 13/04/2014 19:07

One of ours like to get into the bath and scratch. She only does this in the middle of the night.

alialiath · 13/04/2014 23:30

My cats will sleep in the bath if the weather's hot as it's the coolest place to be.

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